Worst. Ever.

it’s the monday giggles…..

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest!

If everyday is a “gift,” 

I’d like to know where to 

return Mondays!

(Just kidding Monday, we love the hugs & blessings you bring as we begin another week!)

May the early morning sun

shine on you today.

A gentle breeze caress you

as you go along your way.

I wish you health & happiness

as the day comes into view.

And may each day be blessed

with friendships fond and true.

May your dreams all be fulfilled;

you achieve your every goal;

and at the end of every day;

may peace touch your heart and soul.

Author Unknown.

hugs n’ winter-breezy blessings!

7 thoughts on “Worst. Ever.

  1. Beautiful prose/poem. I remember the rhyme….Monday’s child is full of woe….etc etc. My own mother had a quite different approach. Face the day you hate she would say and determine to come home ‘better’ and have made others feel ‘better’ too. Every day indeed is a gift. This; is so true as we get older. Wow! I remember the year I turned 50 in the June. I wonder what memories this milestone will carry through your life when it eventuates. xx F.(I hope you’ll have decades after this June to cherish the memories).

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    1. I was a Friday child…what were you?? I LOVE your mother’s wisdom, especially to have made others feel ‘better’ too because yes indeed EVERY day is a gift. (Mondays’ are just a little smaller…giggles.) I am sure there will be many wonderful surprises as I enter this next milestone of life…and I hope you’ll follow along to discover what will be WITH me!! Hugs!


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