It’s our time to glow!

Image 5-15-17 at 11.11 AM

We have one chance to live life.

Image 5-15-17 at 11.10 AM

So, let’s be like the Sunflower; who even on the darkest days, stands tall to find the sunlight.

Let’s bloom while we can!

Just a bunch of girls sharing their glory!

hugs n’ blessings for all the special flowers we shall plant this year…

and the joy they will bring to us!

Image 5-15-17 at 11.24 AM

5 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. I’m glad you are sharing the secret of the Sunflower. This poem was given to me by God to share with everyone. Keep planting my seeds! Gayle Orf Carter

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    1. Gayle! You’re kindness to share these words laid on you heart from God have been (I am sure,) a blessing to all those who have had the grace to read them! (Self included!!) They were the perfect accompaniment to my little post.
      Hugs to you for being His instrument!! 💕


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