in awe, of you.

dancing through my head…



I stand on the brink, on the edge of myself.

And wonder at all that is beyond me.

I am jealous of the ocean and the sky

that do not seem to end.

Of the universe itself that holds so much immensity.

I seek to comprehend all knowledge, and I cannot even know of all that has been written.


I am a finite creature.

But I ever struggle to hold within my grasp

the mystery of being.

I want the power of knowing all, of seeing all,

of having all,

Yet I cannot even possess myself.

I have thoughts and hopes and fears that I

cannot often understand, nor more

frequently admit.

I am not a comfortable creature.


Even my most cherished dreams I cannot

make come true.

My heart cries out to me to be God, and my

life shouts out that I am not.

And my faith is built on the hope that

someone  else is.


I am left with the experience that I exist beyond

myself, and yet cannot contain my source.

I am a grain of sand wanting to possess the

ocean, and the miracle of love is that I can.


He has made me so small, so he can stretch me

to immensity.

He has made me so poor, so he can fill me,

pressed down and overflowing with

his richness.

He has made me so limited, so that he can

make me boundless.

He has made me a creature, so that he can

make me in His image.

He has entered thy heart, and he has

called me home.

He has called me home.

I will come to you,

and my father will come to you,

and we will make our home in you.”


Written by: Edward Farrell,

“The Father is very fond of Me”


hugs n’ blessings because His love is over-whelming!!



*Photography by: Jared Don Photography

Music by: Hollyn

9 thoughts on “in awe, of you.

    1. Thank you, Mom!😊 I am tickled you strolled through my site and thank you for the kind compliments you sprinkled along the way – which help to keep me humbled of heart hoping to serve out of reverence for Him! Hugs to you and I do so verily hope you’ll stop back again soon! 😘


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