air drums!

A few years ago I began noticing Cuppycake exhibiting suspicious signs of a mid-life crisis.

There were no Harley’s suddenly showing up in our garage.
Or shiny fast sports cars with very exaggerated curves in their design.
No clubbing or skydiving.
No hair dye, tight leather jeans, or shiny-gold jewelry.

Image 11-30-17 at 4.55 PM

But there was suddenly the mysterious appearance of


playing in our lives.

Image 12-1-17 at 10.11 AM

And not just a little.

And not just on low volume.

I’m talking…riding in his truck, earbuds mowing the lawn, and sonos-system –

each one playing at booming levels!

Apparently you should NOT listen to Nickleback unless it is at a deafening volume level.

Total. Mid-life. Crisis.

I’ve never really said much about it.

(Technically you cannot hear an eye roll.)

Plus, even if I had he would never have heard me over the

CLANGING METAL blaring from every direction!


I never understood the whole mid-life crisis “thingy.”

Image 11-30-17 at 4.55 PM

That was….

until yesterday.

Image 12-1-17 at 10.53 AM

It probably was the shocked look on the face of the driver in the car stopped next to me at the red light which first alerted me to this potential reality of joining Cuppycake in the ranks.

I’d just finished listening to one of my favorite Christian artist’s new tunes  &  glanced to my left to see what appeared to be a young woman in her 20’s with the definite look of

a deer-in-head-lights

Image 12-1-17 at 10.31 AM

followed quickly by…

the eye roll.

Image 12-1-17 at 10.39 AM

(Yes, apparently eye-rolls do make noise after all. )


But I barely had time to turn down the volume of my favorite Christian band to hear it,

because I was so involved with my awesome air-drum solo!

Image 12-1-17 at 10.48 AM

Oh well.

I guess it’s just one more “thingy” we’ll get through together,

because heaven only knows what additional changes are yet to catch me by surprise!

And who knows, maybe the inevitable hearing aides will help us to hear the eye-rolls approaching!


Image 12-1-17 at 10.25 AM

(caught in the act of air-drumming to this glorious song by for KING & COUNTRY!)

hugs n’ blessings to all those eye-roll moments we will embrace in our lives!  

11 thoughts on “air drums!

  1. I enjoy your posts so much. They are often ‘out there’ with stuff I have no knowledge of but certainly I understand the sentiments. The older we have become the more real is the heavenly perspective of our lives BUT like you shared midlife crisis time can be dangerous and very enjoyable. Later-life crisis (crises) tend to be less noisy but still dramatic. Peace and Grace and continue to enjoy life in its FULLEST. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am humbled at your kind sentiments. My posts are truly a simple outlet for the various thoughts dancing through my heart and head. God is full of so much wonder I am grateful He allows me to “play” with all He has so graciously given to me, no matter the season of my life! I pray I will always be able/capable of following your sound advice to FULLY appreciate this life I’ve been given! Hugs to you for the joy you (too) add to it!!


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