snow clothes



If it’s snowing and you’re cold

You wear a Hat!  (Clap – Clap)

If it’s snowing and your cold

You wear a Hat!  (Clap – Clap)

If it’s snowing and you’re cold

And your Head is chilled to the bone.

If it’s snowing and you’re cold

you wear a Hat!  (Clap – Clap)

Image 12-19-17 at 9.57 PM

Jackets and sweaters
Stockings and boots
Snug hats and mittens
Warm woolen suits.

All bundled up
And ready to go
Out of the house
To play in the snow.

Although I feel clumsy
In all of these clothes
I am so happy
Whenever it snows!

Author Unknown

Image 12-19-17 at 10.09 PM

Will you make time this busy Christmas Season to play?

Image 12-19-17 at 10.08 PM

I do so verily hope you will

and be sure to tell me what you do!

hugs n’ blessings to all those who are never too busy to take time out for those moments that matter the most!

12 thoughts on “snow clothes

    1. She didn’t want to come inside she was having sooooo much fun!!! Can hardly wait for a return visit! And her Daddy made it SUPER fun, with her favorite thing being pulled by him in the sled!!


    1. Thank you, Donna! We had a beautiful Christmas with her and being all together. It’s been a longgggg time coming but God is good & He sprinkled great grace over us all!!! HUGS to you and my very best to your family!!


    1. Awwwww, thank you! 😊 Love certainly makes all of life more beautiful and I felt blessed this Christmas to be surrounded by so very much (of it.). Hugs to you and I do hope your Holiday Season continues throughout the year!!!

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  1. Relax and take the time to play. Then and only then can we ever recapture the real reason why we celebrate the season. In heat, in dust, in snow in rain…..the message is for ever the same. DIVINE LOVE came from heaven to earth. As we remember … and time to love and play are VITAL or we can lose the essence of meaning in the ‘stuff’. Abundant Blessings and Grace to you and yours.

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    1. How very true, Faye!! DIVINE LOVE is glimpsed how we choose to love one another and I feel extremely blessed to not only share HIS love, but to receive it from those who surround me. I continue to lift you up in prayer for your special intentions and I pray your Holiday found great holiness within it! Hugs n’ blessings, dear cyber-space friend!


    1. The little one is indeed our cherished granddaughter, who we were blessed to have with us this Christmas Season. But your charming compliment earns you an extra-special hug & blessing for the blushing giggle it provided. 😊

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