Big Dreams!

Today’s the day!

Today is the day I announce something that has been almost four years in the making!

And I must admit to being a tad bit anxious!

A tad bit nervous!

But a WHOLE LOT of excited!!

I’ve hinted to you before, my dear bloggity-blog readers, that I have had something “in the making.”

Subtly of course…

(Some of which may be re-read by clicking here.)

But it’s taken me more time to launch my dream than I’d anticipated.


Mostly, because I’ve lacked the courage to JUST DO IT!

I’m a great cheerleader for others, but I have discovered I lack bravery in the area of believing in myself!


NO MORE fear of:

Is it silly?

Is it a bad idea?

Is it a waste of everyone’s time?

Is it any good?

Is it an opportunity for others to jeer at me?

Yes, some (or maybe even ALL) of that may actually happen, giggles!

But it no longer matters!!



And if you’re wondering, “How did I make this fear finally go away??”

Well quite simply…

I went back to the very beginning and remembered the wonderful heart space the idea was born from!

You see, dearest readers, many years ago – believe it or not -I volunteered as a storyteller for children.

Several times a month I would travel to different elementary schools in our area, often in costume, and read aloud children’s storybooks to my little friends.

I loved those years!!

Sometimes I would read to a single classroom or there were other times when an entire library was filled with multiple groups of school children.

We had so much fun being together, reading together, and sharing a giggle or two!!

I still even have many thank you notes I’ve received from those former classrooms, tucked away in my beloved cedar-chest!

I’d never realized how – all those years ago there was important ground-work being laid for an even MORE SPECTACULAR idea that was yet to come and I didn’t even know it!!!


Four years ago when our first grand-daughter; who lives in a different state than us & we unfortunately do not get to see often enough, was born!

Not very long after that – the idea was hatched!!

I will video myself, her Oma, reading storybooks aloud FOR HER…and ALL my grandchildren who would eventually come to be…and ANY OTHER LITTLE (or not so little) child who would like to join us!!

❤️Oma = grandmother in German.❤️

So here we are today….

four years later…

six inches longer hair…

no more fear residing within me…

-and at long-last-

it’s time to launch a big dream of mine!!

Oma’s Reading Room!!

Oma’s youtube channel

I’d be simply tickled if you’d please check out my new bloggity-blog site and share it with any little friends you think may enjoy being read aloud to. The stories themselves will be posted very soon!

My own children, who are not so little anymore, have been so supportive! They’ve been working right along side me and being MY cheerleaders this time! (Talk about role-reversal, giggles.) We’ve been filming, editing, applying for copyright permissions and just sharing lots of fun giggles together! I promise you “the dream” is not without blemishes…it’s definitely a work of the heart & we’re learning as we go – BUT I can absolutely guarantee there are so many hugs n’ blessings we are preparing to be shared with you!

I do hope you’ll catch them and hold them real close when we do!

hugs n’ blessings

to all those conquering their fears and following their dreams!!

A very special thank you to JJ Heller for providing the most PERFECT theme song for Oma’s Reading Room! I have loved your music for over 15 years and I am over-the-moon grateful to have the license to use one of your phenomenal works of art! Big World Baby, from the album I Dream of You.

Also, a huge thanks to the authors & publishers offering their copyright permission(s). There could be no story time without your beautifully spun tales!!

If you would like me to read one of your storybooks please (do) contact me @

33 thoughts on “Big Dreams!

  1. I think your idea sound WONDERFUL. I hope to be able to see, hear and comprehend more fully soon. We love and appreciate in this life the same values and creativity etc. I think I have told you of my Teddy Bear Stories (I own all the bears). At present they are ‘out there’ for anyone to access. I know of a children in a New Zealand Hospital. What you are going to do would be EXCITING. Maybe if you would like to have an audio of the Santa Bear Story it would be so appropriate for Christmas as he does have an encounter with a Christmas angel and learn the real meaning of Christmas. if you would like to check them out. The Bear Stories are one behind the other in separate illustrated files. Love F.

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    1. Thank you, Faye!! Your continued support is some of my most treasured to receive! I will definitely check into your Bear stories – I am certain they are delightful!! We are still working out the “kinks” with the development of “Oma’s Reading Room” – it is a work of the heart in progress for certain! I hold my breath with glee over the grace I have been receiving… I can only pray I remain courageous & faithful to wherever the Lord is taking this love-inspired project! HUGS!!


  2. Dawn, This is simply amazing and will, without a doubt, be a great success. How blessed are the children (and adults) who will be the recipients of this tender gift! I love your creativity and I’m so inspired! Many blessings, always. ❤️Katy

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  3. Cannot wait to share these stories with Clare. I always loved story time with you and when you’d come to school and read to all my friends too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh! Thank you, Abigail! I loved every opportunity I had to be with you and all your little friends. I too cannot wait for both my two little C’s to be with me in Oma’s Reading Room! 🌸


  4. You are simply an AMAZING person Dawn & using your God given talents for the ‘little ones’ is the best gift you could ever offer! May God go with you always🙏🏻😘😍

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  5. Congratulations Dawn! This is wonderful!
    I’m glad you are living your dream, and following God’s call in using your talent and sharing it with others!
    Hugs and blessings to you😘
    Linda Brotherson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Linda! I am having so much FUN!! The greatest gift has been in having that childlike faith again, as it tells us in Scripture, “unless you change and become like little children…” This one small passage has given me the courage to believe that everything IS POSSIBLE. Even silly little dreams can bring us great joy when acted out in love! Hugs to you dear friend!


    1. Thank you, Cuppycake! Could not do a SINGLE bit of it without your constant love and support (and reminder that I am worthy.) I love you forever and for always. And I am so grateful to be grand-parenting with you. ❤️


  6. Simply awesome and spirited adventure you are beginning.
    Children will know they are loved and cherished with your gifts and talents leading them through a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him. Godspeed Dawn!

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  7. You continue to amaze me. This is such a special endeavor and I am so happy for you. I envision so many little people having a special story read to them by Oma to keep them occupied in something wonderful while their mommies cook dinner! I always had Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street on while I was getting dinner! I cannot wait to see this begin. Your video introducing this was beautifully done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fabulous Mr. Rogers and Big Bird – oh, how my own kiddos (when they too were littles,) loved them! I wonder if they struggled with bravery in the beginning, as well?? Giggles. Thank you for the sincere & kind encouragement – YOUR steadfast support AMAZES me!!! Hugs!!


    1. You are simply too sweet! I’m a mixture of beyond excited and ready to book the next flight to a neighboring planet to hide. Giggles. But seriously…all things for His greater glory, so I know my endeavors are ALREADY blessed! Hugs to you for waiting alongside me in the wings with these crazy things I do! Hugs!


  8. I love your heart ❤️! I’m so proud of you and the legacy you are leaving for your family. My first grandchild was born in Alaska. I make videos of me reading and singing for him. My 2nd grand child was born in Washington in June. I’m doing the same for her. 💕 I’m writing them each a book and it has propelled my life long dream of kid’s books. When I taught I so loved having guest readers. Oh the memories and special places you have tucked yourself in the souls of others! God bless you! You are a light and inspiration! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love what you are doing for your grandchildren! They are so blessed to have you and your kindness – I am certain you are planting seeds of caring within them, through the beautiful example you offer. Oma would love to read your first published book aloud in her Reading Room!! I pray God uses these times I share with the littles to ignite the special gifts within them. Hugs to you for being such a treasure to your littles and this BIG girl…ME!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww Dawn, your response made my heart melt! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. It took Laura Ingalls Wilder many years to publish so I know patience is a virtue! Thank you for the prayers dear friend. Hugs and love to you! You’re a treasure as well! 💚


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