plenty to share…

I like to share.

Just a few of the things I enjoy sharing are:

a kayak ride at our cottage by the lake, a campfire, a bottle of wine, laughter, recipes, and my faith.

A few of the things I do not enjoy sharing:

political discussions, nail clippers, and my last slice of grape pie.

Sharing feels good.

The truth is that, no matter what we share, the gesture makes us feel positive each time. The majority of us enjoy sharing because we want others to feel the excitement and joy we felt as we experience an event or when we discovered a particular thing. And this helps us create better and stronger social relationships.

Furthermore, the best part about sharing is that it not only makes us and the people around us feel better; but we learn more & gain greater sensitivity toward others, so it will always be a win-win situation!

And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Hebrews 13:16

Which is exactly why I’d like to share a few favorite bloggers of mine wrapped up with hugs n’ blessings – for the win-win we shall share together, should you chose to read them too!

There’s: Julie at Cookie Crumbs to Live By!

Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

Bluebird of bitterness


Bill Sweeney at Unshakable Hope

Katie at SewKatieDid

Katie Lewis at the Marmalade Teapot

Faye at Passionate Creative Christian

Oneta at Sweet Aroma

I know you will find a few to enjoy

and when you do, my…

hugs n’ blessings are most definitely SHARED with you!

10 thoughts on “plenty to share…

  1. Your beauty, inside and out shine through all of your posts. Your faith is inspiring and contagious. I raise my glass to you my friend! Cheers❤️

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    1. ‘Tis I who could say the same about you, dear friend! And I look forward to raising a glass together, hopefully very soon!! Until then sending you virtual hugs….😘


    1. Thank you, Karen! It is a joy to share a smile together and I concur friendships are the hidden sunshine, in these recent cloudy days. Thanks for being one of them…albeit through cyber-space – you take me to great spaces & places! Hugs to you for doing so!🌞

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