This is not a test!

I’m going to do my very best at targeting Wednesdays as one of my regular feature posts.

Wednesdays for Saint Maria Faustina KoWalska (why else,) with a brief reflection on the

Divine Mercy of God.


So ya’ better Get ready to…

Sharpen your pencils! Grab a high-lighter!

Find a notebook! And load up on those sticky notes! (Because there will be a test!)

As I wrote in a previous post, Inner Silence, in the year 1937 Saint Faustina (Helen KoWalska) wrote a particular “examen” to aide her in being united with the merciful Christ.  Through prayer she was guided to create what she titled The Conscience; and which became for her a chart of an “internal control of the soul.” Each month she used an examen to pray and meditate upon. Faustina took these practices so seriously that she recorded the Victories & Falls she experienced while attempting to adhere to each practice!

In 2014, inspired by this great act of love & my own desire to live united with Christ, I dedicated myself to memorize each (monthly) examen. My hope was that, through the memorization & monthly meditation upon the prescribed practice, I could give my best attempt at living out the practice in my own daily life.  This year I have added the commitment to record (for myself) my own Victories & Falls,  just as Faustina did.  Although, I am certain my Victories will be far fewer and the Falls far greater than hers!

Seriously, don’t ask how it is going!


I was never a star-student in school academically. (Even though I graduated with honors.)  My good grades came with true-grit-northern effort.  And test-prep was often a nightmare for me! It wasn’t until the discovery of high-lighters and sticky notes, which aided my ability to organize my scattered fluff-sense, that testing became more successful.  I like things nice & orderly. Tidier thoughts evolved into better grades.  And I think this is why I have been so drawn to Saint Faustina’s monthly examens. They’re so tidy!

Not only are the examens drawing me closer to God; but by keeping tally of the Victories & Falls I have experienced while practicing the examen, it has given me a personal calculation where God is calling me to grow!

In these three short months of keeping record God has revealed my weaknesses, (the yucky part of testing oneself.)  But because of His great grace He has also revealed just how much stronger I have become too!  NOT due in part to my own efforts but in how much more drawn to Him I have become through utilizing this practice of: internal control of my soul.  As Saint Faustina reveals, a soul turned over to God learns to direct itself toward HIM in its  weakness.

And as a result, a beautiful observance of inner silence develops…ssshhhhhhh.

Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska’s Diary- Divine Mercy in My Soul

I am leaving with you-who-too may be reading, a gift! (No, not a new high-lighter.) Something much better!  The outline for Saint Maria Faustina’s monthly examen.  May you find the same merciful Christ that I have; should your soul-be-inspired to unite with Him. (Now, THAT is a high-light!)

The Conscience

Exclamatory Prayers:

January- But Jesus remained silent.

February- Jesus, I trust in You.

March- Jesus, enkindle my heart with love.

April- With God, I can do all things.

May- In His Name is my strength.

June- All for Jesus.

July- Jesus, rest in my heart.

August- Jesus, You know.

September- Jesus, hide me in Your Heart.

October- Mary, unite me with Jesus.

November- O my Jesus, have mercy!

December- Hail, living Host!

One final gift:  a prayer entry from Saint Faustina’s Diary and a heart-felt wish for your success as you study these examens. And always remember the final test is at the end….

I want to be completely transformed into Your mercy and to be Your living reflection, O Lord.  May the greatest of all divine attributes, that of Your unfathomable mercy, pass through my heart and soul to my neighbor.        (163)

hugs n’ blessings to all those studying for the final test!

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