on…the way

“They are things I whisper in your ear

– confiding them –

as a friend, as a brother, as a father…

so that some thought will arise and strike you;

and so you will better your life

and set out along ways of

prayer and of Love.”

As written by, Msgr. Josemaria Escriva

As I mentioned a few days ago

God led me down the garden path of “growth” recently.

And during that period of growth one of the more predominate years He kept returning me to re-examine was 2014.

It took me a little while to figure out why.

At first it felt merely coincidental.

How oblivious I can be sometimes!


For in my heart I know there is NO COincidence but only GODincidence!

In 2014, one of the most significant things He led me to do was to

read the entire personal diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy In My Soul,

passage by passage

within a year.

I remember at first it felt daunting!

This book is a beautiful work of Spiritual excavation – so much so- that one cannot expect to read it as you would a more traditional written piece from cover to cover.

At least God knew MY Soul could not explore it, in that way!


And so I set about a daily practice of consuming three passages to mediate upon each day.

In this methodical way I was able to absorb much of what the Holy Spirit wished me to learn, through St. Faustina’s words.

I will always appreciate that experience and the deep affection I gained for St. Faustina.

And now, (7 years later,) He has led me to immerse myself in a similar manner by reading Monsignor Josemaria Escriva’s infamous book, The Way.

There are 999 individual entries to be read which means I will not finish in one year’s time because

He has not prompted me to read more than one passage each day!

(For now.)


And truthfully, I am okay with that!

I am learning to trust more & question less.

I know the answers will eventually come.

As they always do.

The Way was first published in 1934 under the title Consideraciones Espirituales and in 1939, when the second, longer text appeared, it was given its definitive Spanish title, Camino. Since then millions of people, of very varied races, cultures and walks of life, have found in these words of Msgr. Escrivia’, light and strength to help them recognize God and give meaning to their lives.

In the Introduction to the first publication of Camino in 1939, you will find written:

These penetrating lines, these concise thoughts are addressed to you, dear reader. Ponder each word and steep yourself in its meaning. The Spirit of God hovers over these pages. Behind each maxim is a saint who sees your intention and waits for your decisions. The sentences are left broken, for you to round them off with your conduct. Don’t recoil: your life is going to be a soothing of suffering. This is why you are a disciple of the Master! Your worst enemy is yourself, because your flesh is weak and earthly, but you have to be strong and heavenly. The center of gravity of your body is the world; your center of gravity must become heaven. Your heart is all God’s and you have to consecrate its affections entirely to him. Don’t rest, dear reader. Always be watchful and alert, because the enemy does not take any sleep. If you turn these maxims into your own life, you will be a perfect imitator of Jesus Christ. And with Christs like you, (Spain) will return to the old grandeur of her saints, scholars and heroes. XAVIER, A.A. of VITORIA

I hope you do not mind if I share this new journey with you, as I did when He used St. Faustina to stir my heart.

Perhaps we can do it together?

I am looking forward to the center of my gravity becoming heaven.

And I would love the company if you feel He is prompting your heart too.

hugs n’ blessings for your kind encouragement as I set out along The Way!

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