the holy hour


St Gemma Galgani
“The Gem of Christ”
Saint of the Passion of Jesus

I met St. Gemma 8 years ago at an adoration chapel in Philadelphia, Pa.

Our family was in the city for a day to watch Army beat Navy!

(Unfortunately, this did not happen that year.)

Image 4-11-17 at 11.00 AM

I had gone out early in the morning to find a Church to pray…

for our opponent,

for our team;

(especially those who would be playing their final senior game,)

for the safety of all those who proudly serve our country

and for their loved ones who support them.

And yes, if it be God’s will for, “a “W” on our side of the scoreboard please!” 

But despite there being no victory for the “good-guys” that day, there was still a victory, in finding her!

As I entered the spiraling stairwell that descended to the adoration chapel, her eyes stared back at me from the holy hour pamphlet with her picture on it; which sat perched on the window ledge.  So struck was I by her gaze I took the pamphlet with me into the Chapel and it has remained with me these past 8 years.

My Thursday Meditation

I adopted her Thursday holy hour prayer practice ever since.

And I have been blessed to have prayed this holy hour in front of her, where she is entombed in Lucca, Italy.

Image 4-11-17 at 10.32 AM
The tomb of St. Gemma, shrouded in glass, whose eyes are stained from tears of shed blood.
Image 4-11-17 at 10.33 AM
Monastery-Sanctuary of St. Gemma in Lucca, Italy.

Lucca, Italy

My travel companion.

St Gemma’s Autobiography that the devil tried to burn and her Dress and Mantle.

Gemma Galgani died on Holy Saturday, April 11, 1903.

Today is St. Gemma’s Feast Day.

And like so many others, I have learned so much from Gemma, but perhaps the most important thing is the desire to love God with all our hearts.

Gemma was not a person of half measures; she loved God with all of her being. Her heart was all on fire with the love of Jesus, and Jesus was everything to her.

To know Saint Gemma is to love her. It is impossible to read her writings and not be touched by the fire of her extraordinary love for God, which she expresses so well in her diary, autobiography and letters.

The beauty of Lucca, Italy.

So, let us learn from Gemma to “love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength.” (Mark 12:30)

hugs n’ blessings promised when you do!

4 thoughts on “the holy hour

  1. I have been away for a week of house-sitting for daughter and family. Caring for three pets and having a kind of holiday. away from internet (system failed while we were there). To come home and catch up. Your always refreshing and beautiful blog always blesses my heart and soul. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you, kindly!! I appreciate not only your kind affirmation but the time you took to stop by my site for a bit to read! Hugs to you and an extra blessing too!


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