principal of fun school!

hello, hello, hello!

And away we go!

Cuppycake taking my new “Principal’s Car” for a test drive! vroom-vroom!


Because, today is an exciting day!

(Especially-a-dee, on this the 1st day of April, for all you pranksters out there!)

For me…I’ve dreamt of  a dreamy-dream where I have the opportunity to start my own school.

A fun school!

And I am THE principal!

Principal, of fun school, is me!

Well…do dreams come true? Bippity-boppity-boo, eventually they do!

The wand’s been waved and school is about to be in session!

(So, I salute you.)

“What is a fun school,”  I know you might say.

It’s a place where the Peter Pan’s who’ve all grown up return to the never-never say never place, to play one again!

Imagine this: A school open to all, no matter how tall, who embrace adventure and a moment of play.

As the days grow long and the pay must be paid the fun seems to slip away…

from our day.

But the newest sharpened crayons or a box of sand at hand seem to wash the cares away.  (Play-doh mats not required.)

What about a gym full of red-ball-dodge-ball play?  Or a room of pottery clay wheels met with cymbals & drums to beat upon?

And a stage to ruffle through rack-after-rack of costumes for you, (dull-edge swords, pirate patches & parrots are on the shelf.)  And even the special-effect lighting can be designed by you-too.  (Fog machines provided.)  Super-yes:  There is a karoake machine too!

We have a class-room-full-of cards, and jacks, and jumping rope too. (Ping-pong & air-hockey are just across the way!) Or if you’re more inclined:  there are bean-bags in a room full-to-the ceiling of shelves with books to read; while reclining with that special childhood read! (Where Run Jane Run, still only runs down the garden path & not a NY Marathon.)

Now for the more adventerous fun-school student there are inter-active games galore!  Water-ballon launching, wiffle-ball pitching, and trampoline pouncing for the best of the tiggers who’ve lost their bounce! The trapeze bar, the javelins you can throw far, and…

What about that room full of kittens (puppies will be available by two’s-too.)

Just yesterday, I might say, we bought this beauty.   You can see the first test-drive-you-try-ee’s loved it! (As they all exclaimed, “Wee!”)

The Rocket! An opportunity for our interacive students to play!

 Our brochure for thee,

where you’ll see

all the great things to be;

will let you know all over 70 years old are free!

(And on Tuesday, anyone attending with an AARP member receives a 15% discount for all of thee!)

Our staff will be in uniform…capes of course for every administrator well trained in fun! You-can-always-may-earn a fun-cape too…as we get to see you…more often.  (Our VIP-PRO-FUN’s, earn those immediately!)

There’s a snack bar for those important refueling’s with all the special things you’d expect at a fun-school.  Licorice-ropes, cracker-jacks, pop-rocks, & cotton-candy.

Maybe a carrot or two-too.  (NOT!)

There’s pudding packs, popsicles, and taffy to pull for you!  And what would a snack bar be without the principal’s favorite: SWEDISH FISH and PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM SANDWICHES.  (Known to have been a professional “lunch-room trader” of both, was she!)

So TODAY is THE day, you see! For me to announce to THEE!

School is in session!

Let the FUN begun with this prank, (oops! did I forget to tell you???)

I am a prankster too!!!

April Fools! (for now.)

hugs n’ blessings, anyway!

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