last bite!!!

nibble, nibble, nibble…

crumbs on the plate.

nibble, nibble, nibble…

it’s almost too late!


Or you’ll miss the last bite

of something that is great!


“Merry Christmas,” greetings are quickly changing to “Happy New Year!”
Even holiday parties are transitioning from the celebration of Christ’s birth & the twelve days of Christmas to New Year’s preparations.  

But I’m holding on to the last crumb!

I’m savoring the final nibble.

I’m lingering within the joy of our Saviour’s birth!

The celebration of Christmas and the joy which comes from welcoming others into our home, as a communal participation in the celebration of the birth of a savior, adds a BOUNCE…and a skip, to one’s step.

OH, joy! OH, joy! Let us prepare for Him!

And today I’m reflecting back on those bounces, and skippity-skips and allowing them to just sink in to make imprints on my heart.  Imprints I may run my memory over from time to time as the New Year approaches, to remember He is to be celebrated not just during the Christmas Season but the whole year through!

And with this personal revelation, this God inspired moment, Helen and I have decided to make this year…the year of more Cookies!  

Helen guarding the cookie -cutter jar from potential Ebeneezer’s!

We may save baking The Dawn’s famous red-truck Christmas Cookies for the Holiday Season; however,

A collection of Red Trucks decorate the kitchen each Christmas.
A Red Truck Christmas Cookie Cutter purchased in 1995 celebrates a 10 year tradition this year at North Star!
All that is needed is your favorite cut-out-cookie recipe & an ample supply of red, green & chocolate sprinkles!
Cut out & ready to be ‘sprinkled’ on lightly greased cookie sheets!
It’s Sprinkle-Time…my favorite part!!
First batch fresh from the oven! Yum-yummy & so darn cute!

there will be cookies to be made & shared throughout the year, as a reminder of the continual saving grace of a God who loves us!

Please stop in around the 25th of each month to discover the cookie Helen and I will have been inspired to bake together!



Perhaps even share a nibble with us!

 Don’t be shy…Helen is good at picking up the crumbs off the floor!

Helen Kowalska-Cookie Baking, Crumb Catching Wonder Dog!


warmed baked hugs n’ blessings until the very last nibble!!

6 thoughts on “last bite!!!

  1. Oh! Thank you thank you. What an inspirational and beautiful blog. Your heart comes though with such energy and life. Beautiful dog lovely joy of life. Make of the final hours of this year a true on going thanksgiving to the One who came to give LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS. That too is my heart’s desire. Not Happy New Year yet BUT hours of life to be LIVED first. Bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful pictures. Yes, I will celebrate Jesus as if each day is his birthday. In reality each day is more like my birthday – as he gives me life and health. You are a joy, Dawn. May God bless your ministry of words and pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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