Mystical and Mysterious: A Gospel Reflection for May 4, 2015

As a member of the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers I LOVE when the Lord provides spare time for me to read fellow Catholic Women’s Blogs! One of my favorite’s is: joy of nine9 written by Melanie Jean Juneau. I find myself often lost in the artwork she uses that always seems to marry beautifully with the words she has written. I have reblogged one of her recent posts and I hope you agree that not only do her words draw you into the lessons of the gospel but the artwork brings them to life!

God bless you Melanie for sharing the “picture-perfect”gift God has given you to add beauty to His teachings!

hugs n’ blessings!!

joy of nine9

2ff0d7c49e93c05a4430995f24a4e566Today’s Gospel: John 14:21-26

This gospel passage is a typical example from the Gospel of John—deep, with layers of meaning and odd, cryptic language which could easily lead us in circles of confusion. For example, “Whoever has my commandments and observes them.” The verb is not hears or listens but has, which really does not make sense intellectually.

In addition, John’s dialogue is often irritating because Jesus does not seem to answer questions directly. When Judas asks, “What happened that you will reveal yourself to us and not to the world?” the text says that Jesus answered him, but He doesn’t; rather He merely repeats the opening command that we must love, obey, and keep His words.

The best way to read this passage and most of John’s gospel is with our hearts, allowing the words to soak into our spirits. As you read this beautiful description of our intimate…

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