wherever you are…



I love lent!

Probably because I am a “Passion Person.”


Not because I wallow in suffering.


But because it brings me hope!

Hope because I know, if we are followers of Christ, it is the Resurrection that awaits us!

For we are a Resurrection People!


If you haven’t noticed before, let me clue you in:  I am a deep think-er-her.

So much so that….

it exhausts my poor cuppycake!  


Our conversations can be very tiring for him…he must really FOCUS on what I am saying; because he knows there is a deeper meaning beyond the words I’m using!

But this lent there was no deepness to be found in the beginning of these 40 days.


No great sacrifice.

No desert moments.

No seismic internal shifts.


I think it was because

God continued to hold me, in the Silence.

(I am certain Cuppycake was grateful for the less contemplative conversations, giggles.)

As I mentioned in a few earlier posts my January was spent in deep moments of Silence, which helped to unearth some pretty large treasures. 

And I believe that is why

He is holding me there still.


I do not know how much longer He will keep me there; but I do trust in Him enough to know…He does.

I wait patiently, Lord.

And I know that you have led me to “moderation” this lenten season, for a purpose.

Moderation in food and drink and all things which might keep my focus from You.

Yes, even watching the fair & balanced News has been limited in viewing!

(Which can be very difficult with a loved one deployed.)


But as a result of these lenten “limits”…

I am seeing you more.

I am hearing you more.

I am feeling you more.

I am trusting you more.

I am more & more yours.


Because the noise of the world is no longer covering You.

And as these last 40 days draw to a close…

My head is clearer.

My heart is fuller.

And my time is more open…

to you


to all those you are sending me to.


May I continue to believe in the Trust you have placed (in me) to seek You…

wherever you are waiting for me.

May I continue to listen for you in the Silence.

And may I always remain patient for you to answer my prayers.

Image 6-24-16 at 2.26 PM

Where is God waiting for you?

hugs n’ blessings for all who know.


2 thoughts on “wherever you are…

  1. Thank you. I love the Lenten Season and the yearly reminder not just about the suffering but the resurrection HOPE that is always renewed even in this seemingly ungodly world. The cry HE LIVES! resonates in our lives and His Spirit points us ever to Christ and to our eternal future. We are indeed by the Grace of God the people who are beyond the cross……not simply ‘freed’ from our sins but delivered to live ‘extraordinary’ lives. Hugs and thanks to you for beautiful blog. .


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