do you hear what I hear?

It’s been a month of tripping over pumpkin patches,

festive birthday cake mornings,

sleep over bed-expansions,

retreat making, picture taking, plentiful baking,



(With lots of in between.)

I am sorry I could not take you along as each unfolded, but I would be teary not to share these blessings with you (now) too!

Can you hear the love expelled from each one?

May each of you know I add in your love lived-out-loud, alongside of me!

hugs n’ blessings with a special Christmas prayer – that the love you share is LOUD enough for all to see!

9 thoughts on “do you hear what I hear?

    1. Sometimes my life is like a bottle of warm soda shaken up & then cracked opened. A little on the explode & gush out all over kind of thing! Appreciative Hugs to you for sharing in the “bubbling over” this month! And yes, pinky-swear promise I will never stop!😊

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