it’s the monday giggles…

Oh no, Sweet Helen Kowalska!

It was me.


let the

dogs out.

hugs n’ blessings to all those enjoying the last few dog-days of summer!

5 thoughts on “oops!

  1. Love it! Thanks. Enjoy! We are entering Spring with the hot breath of Summer knocking at our door already. Our little dog who looks like a sheep will soon be clipped.. Will try to show a couple of before and after pics in a couple of weeks time.

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    1. Isn’t it fascinating the difference in our climates from upside down? WE are entering fall, with the leaves just beginning to add their beautiful warm colors! And I DO hope you will share photos of your pup, Faye! Poor little fella’, but I am sure he is irresistibly cuddly though! Baa! 🐶🐑


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