one month…and many more ago.

Today the Newlyweds celebrated One Month of married-life together!

The new Mr. & Mrs.!
May 7, 2016

One month!!!!!

How amazingly awesome is that?

If you are betrothed, do you remember that first month?

I remember the joy in making “our” bed each morning,

the delight in packing his lunch for the day,

and the decorating of our first home, trying to lovingly create our very own space.

Oh yeah, and the dinners that maybe weren’t turning out quite right just yet!

Good thing he liked Dinty Moore Stew over egg-noodles because

that was as gourmet as it got for awhile!


So much goes into the planning of a wedding day!

Do you remember what were your favorite things to plan?

These two young adults did a fabulous job planning & organizing what they desired their day to be and it was so much fun to be a small part of this.

In all the many months leading up to the Wedding Day we collected old trophies to refurbish for centerpieces, created table placards, shopped for not only  a Wedding gown but interviewed dress-makers for the bridesmaids and created our very own Peep-Sculpture in leau of an Iced one…(because it’s always fun to be just a little different.)


What was the most unique thing you did for your wedding?

In an effort to share our own experiences & in hopes of inspiring you to take on your own creative challenges; I will be developing a mini-feature, on the 7th of every month for six-months, to recap some of the projects we took on all those months ago!  And just like Helen & her cookie-feature I very much look forward to sharing these tips/experiences with you!

Won’t you please tell me some of your own too?

In honor of their ONE month marriage this first feature will contain the very first item they both decided was the TOP priority for both of them, which was the Church Service!

Where did you choose to be married?

They truly wanted this to be the high-light of their day and took great effort in pointing everything toward the Sacrament they were about to make.  The readings and music for the ceremoney were all thoughtfully picked out.  The people who were chosen to stand beside them and those they asked to fill particular roles were such very special choices; including every single cousin who partook in presenting the gifts at the altar!  And what a special blessing it was to have eight priests, who are dear friends, partake in the celebrating of their Union!

What were the special choices you made for your ceremony?

Image 6-7-16 at 4.51 PM

The church was full that day!

They requested no flowers on the altar as they wanted the full focus on the beauty of the Church and the Sacrament;  except for the presentation bouquet to be given during the honoring of the Blessed Mother, (which the bride asked to be large enough for Miss America to carry because she felt the title of ‘Mother of God’ is far more important!)  However, there were beautiful bouquets for the bridesmaids, stunning boutineres for the groomsmen, and of the course the immediate family members as well.  Not to mention the ‘surprise’ our daughter had orchestrated to duplicate my gardenia wedding bouquet, which I had carried down the same Church isle some thirty years earlier!

Did you have a favorite flower you included in your wedding bouquet?

(All the flowers were made by the fabulous flower designers at Allburn Florist!)

The groom and groomsmen wore handsome tailored tuxes selected through Men’s Warehouse  which complemented the underlying theme of the wedding:

“All Things Black & Gold!”

Did you have any themes at your wedding?

The groomsmen (these are my two sons) wore gold ties &

the groom was in all black, (who can be seen here walking his lovely mother to her pew.)

The bride found a gown she adored for her bridesmaids to wear; however, quickly discovered the designer price of that particular gown was not a price she would ever ask her lovely ladies to pay!


So instead she interviewed various dress-makers until settling on one who could duplicate the same dress, yet would custom make each girl’s neckline to reflect their own individual tastes!   The dresses were two-piece, a long black ball gown with pockets & gold sequin tops with six seperate necklines: Sweatheart, V-neck, Square, One Shoulder, Mock Turtle, and Off the Shoulder!

Did your bridesmaids love their gowns too?

(Check out those pockets!)

And the four adorable flowergirl dresses, with coordinating jackets & hair bows, completed the Black & Gold theme!

However, we were sad when the littlest of the four could not be a part of the special day.

Were you missing anyone special from your Wedding Day?

The little-ladies filled up the Church with “Oohs & Aaahs,”and complimented

the ring-bearers, who were each dressed in a different Pittsburgh Sports Team jersey depicting the date of the Wedding!

(See above.)

What were the “Oohs & Aaahs” at your ceremony?

The oldest of the three ring-bearers carried down the aisle with him, what would soon become the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Yatsko’s Family Bible! And with the rings placed on top he perfectly handed them off to the best-man as he reached the altar.

Do you have a family bible you use?

The Yatsko Family Bible

What about the bride’s dress????????????


Unexpectantly, the first gown our daughter tried on was…THE one she chose to wear for her Wedding Day!  We went shopping on a “whim” when a couple of hours of unplanned free time, prior to a family event, popped-up during a visit home.

I didn’t even have any tissues with me!!! 

But from the moment she put it on…she knew it was “her” Wedding gown.

How did you know  when to say “Yes!” to the dress?

 Before & after final alterations were completed.

(A magical experience from start to finish at Bridal Elegance!)


Everything they had hoped & planned for from the Church Service

came together perfectly that day!

What was the ‘perfect moment’ on your Special day?

Ringing the Church bells together!!

It is so hard to believe it was one month ago already!

There were so many blessings which occurred on that day…

and in the many months ago of planning.

God only knows just how many more are yet to come in the months that lie ahead!

IMG_8191Image 5-17-16 at 9.29 AM (2)

What blessings do you hope for in the upcoming months of your marriage?


hugs n’ blessings (and a prayer) especially for all newly married couples, as you navigate through the wonderful Sacrament of Matrimony!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please remind us to pray for each other often, and to be kind as we’re growing in grace.

Equip us to be the strength that we need, one for the other. May we serve to encourage as we fulfill our God-given roles; one a wise leader, and the other a compassionate help-mate.  For your Word says, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a help-mate for him.”

Thank You for Your wonderful gift of a trustworthy companion and friend. Thank you also for the gift of marriage that we open each day.

In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” – Genesis 2:21-23, KJV

“So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” – Genesis 2:21-23, NIV

*Prayer taken from Time-Warp Wife, Keeping Christ at the Center of Marriage

8 thoughts on “one month…and many more ago.

  1. You opened a floodgate of memories as my beloved sleeps soundly if not silently by my side. Our color was gold as well. Lighter though, more champagne. With purples and creams and greens in the flowers. The dresses were two piece too, with a simple halter style neckline. Flowers were simple. With only 4 small vases lined in front of the altar. One for each grandparent passed at the time. And a boutinnere. A groomsmen’s mother had just passed and per his Hindu custom he couldn’t attend any festive celebration for a year, for mourning. Ironically, his mother’s ashes were there in the chapel with us, awaiting transport to India, safe in a holy place. The groomsmen was the friend who had introduced us. Our Mass was the planning that took the most thought and care, the rest fell into place or were easy picks. The reading I remember most and is our motto, a cord of three strands. The most memorable diy were the centerpieces. We had three sizes of candles to wrap in different gold ribbons I found, that sat on mirrors and were surrounded with a sprinkle of purple potpourri. I was freaking out not having time to wrap and glue them. I arrived at Matt’s house after school one evening to find he had set up his own assembly line at his mom’s dining room table. He had them all nearly done. My bouquet was in pieces. My dearest friends from college lined the aisle and each handed me a piece, the last girl helped me tie it all together. The reception was fun but we missed all the music we had picked and planned ourselves, a mix of the classics in that jazzy harry connick jr style. My new husband delivered my grandmother’s cake with a candle, to mark her 83 birthday. I refused to be a bride who didn’t eat. I ate. Then as people later left positioned my tired self near the exit for my thank yous and good byes. I’m too shy to do the table to table thing and it was far more fun to get those few sloppy champagne laden hugs from exhausted and overjoyed friends. My sister and I giggled like crazy When I finally gave in and admitted I had to use the bathroom, while she hitched up my skirt. When we got home that night, my new husband swooped me up and carried me over the threshold, he in his tux. Me in my gown. To the delight of our brand new neighbors. But by far the weather was the most remarkable. A sunny morning broke to a drizzle by the start of the ceremony. At the consecration, the chapel shook with a loud clap of thunder. By the time we left the sun was shining and only the puddles proved it had indeed rained on our wedding day. To the delight of one of my students who wished it per her Italian grandmother’s custom. Afterwards she informed me it was a wish for fertility. We were pregnant within a month. Not 3 months before our wedding the doctor said I wouldnt conceive naturally. Don’t waste too much time trying she said. Matthew “a gift from God” is of course named for his father, but he is our Gift from God. Our wedding gift.

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    1. Sarah, I love all the wonderful things you shared with me!! How personal and beautiful your wedding day was! I feel as if I were there as you described it all! I adored the ‘sloppy champagne laden hugs’ from your tired guests…i giggled over the bathroom escapeds…and I was saddened by the loss of your dear friends mother & his inability to celebrate with you. I will keep my fingers-crossed that the same Italian Blessing is granted our daughter & son-in-law as it too was perfectly planned rain that fell ‘for a bit’ that day! Thank you so much for strolling through my site but most especially for taking the time to answer so many of my questions!! It was DELIGHTFUL for me to read all about them. I think I should sign the guest book now too!! Giggles. Hugs & please stop back again!!


  2. Beautiful memories of a special day. Surely evoked in me such memories of my own wedding and indeed the wedding of our beautiful and only daughter. When God is part of it all what an incredible difference it makes. Theres such ‘stability’, freedom and reality when God is the third Person in the union. Thank you for the blog. It’s a joy to be ‘connected’ via WordPress. Blessing!

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