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For many years I have been following a practice introduced to me by a very dear friend, who is the editor of a Newsletter I subscribe to.

The Spirit of Medjugorje.

Medjugorje, located in Bosnia-Herzecgnovia, is a very special place – and for those of us who have had the good fortune to travel there can attest – there are many graces delivered when one visits with an open heart to the Lord and Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Each year the editor of The Spirit of Medjugorje, June, randomly chooses the name of a saint to be the “holy protector” for the Newsletter for the year.

St. Faustina’s (my gal-pal) community used to do this every year on New Year’s Day (Saint Faustina’s Diary, #360). This can be a fun and educational thing to do with your family and friends. Almost always, there is a connection between the saint and the person or group who randomly picked it.

Although any list of saints can be used, there is one my friend recommends on the website, www.mary’ Simply download the pdf with the names of the same Saints created by Saint Faustina’s community, tear/cut them into individual slips of paper, place in a bag/box/bowl & pick one from the large selection randomly!

You can also use the saint generator on

Whichever method you choose, it is important to pray to the Holy Spirit first! The tradition goes that it is the saint who chooses you, not the other way around. As you pray with the saint every day, that saint will pray for you and intercede on your behalf to our Lord.

There have been many saints; through the course of doing this process these past several years, who have “presented themselves” to me and who have indeed been tremendous prayer partners!

The really great news about adopting this practice is that at the end of the year the Saint does not leave you.

You are indeed “prayer partners” forever!

I am so grateful for the many Saint-friends I have made and I continue to call upon their support, even today.

This year (for the first time,) after entering into prayer, the Holy Spirit urged me to use BOTH resources for discovery.

“Whoa! I must really need extra help in 2022,” was my first thought!

Trusting this Holy Spirit prompted guidance – I first went to Jennifer Fulwiller’s site. Before hitting the SELECT button I lifted up yet another prayer for the Saint I am most in need of to pleasssssse come forward.

“God you know the heavy burdens on my heart and what it is I am most in need of. Please send to me a Saint courageous and bold who I may lean upon in prayer this year. And guide me toward the peace of knowing – you may not always give me what I want, but instead what it is I need. In you alone I place my trust.

Come! Holy Spirit, come!”

And then there he was…my primary (that’s what I decided to call him,) Saint for the year!

Blessed Pope Paul VI

Yep, a real heavy-hitter!

After giving thanks to God for his providential care I introduced myself to Bl. PP6 and we have grown to be close companions ever since.

Next, I went to my little bag containing all the slips of paper downloaded from Mary’s TV – to “hand-pick” my Sous-Saint, (this is what I deigned to call him/her).

I have saved all my “slips of paper”….

Repeating the same prayer I lifted up before – I once again invoked the Holy Spirit who delivered unto me yet another rockstar Saint.

St. Therese of Lisieux!

I actually blushed.

How great is my God!

You will most likely read many things about them through the course of this next year on my site!

I look forward to sharing the way their companionship has affected me – and I hope you grow as fond of them as I have quickly become.

Already, they have shown me how much I am to learn and lean upon them in 2022.

And I can only pray they will inspire something within your heart too!

hugs n’ blessings for trusting in the help of others!

4 thoughts on “new friends

  1. What a joy that will be when we greet each other on the other side, meanwhile, I will continue enjoying the relationship right here on blogger’s land. Happy Springtime blessings to you.


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