happy things (50 of them!)

The golden girl!


I made it and…..

i’m happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever. Psalm 16:11

Sometimes just thinking of something in-particular triggers happiness in us.

When I think of you this happens!

(Yes, you!)

And here are 50 more of those ‘happy’ thoughts I am grateful for:

(in no particular order…well maybe just a few…)

  1. mass
  2. a warm hug
  3. a sweet smile
  4. a tender blessing
  5. a dog named Helen
  6. the bible
  7. polka dots
  8. candy apples
  9. pearls
  10. tea
  11. gregorian chant
  12. a favorite childhood book
  13. gardenias
  14. soft lips
  15. rainy days
  16. peanut butter
  17. old photos
  18. rosary beads
  19. grape pie
  20. lemon cake
  21. macaroni salad with tuna-fish
  22. blue-birds
  23. wine
  24. swedish fish
  25. birthdays
  26. babies
  27. campfires
  28. gibbles (potato chips)
  29. baking
  30. libraries
  31. kayaks
  32. beach-front
  33. warm bread
  34. bananas with peanut butter
  35. dulcimer
  36. downton abbey
  37. red bicycle
  38. powder-blue boxes
  39. return to me
  40. bit-o-honey
  41. rocking chairs
  42. feather pillows
  43. polish pottery
  44. cheese boards
  45. a ball of yarn
  46. moonlight
  47. champagne
  48. ferns
  49. blogging
  50. hearing ‘i love you.’

I hope-ity-hope today

at least a few of them turn into ‘more than a thought’

and come my way!

Which makes me happy all-over again just thinking about what they may be!

These were just 50 of my happy…

what are some of yours?

hugs n’ blessings to everyone that shows up to do ‘happy together’ today!

Image 6-2-16 at 11.03 PM

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You!

14 thoughts on “happy things (50 of them!)

  1. You look fantastic! I would be very happy too if I had that ‘glow’ about me! Lovely dress!
    It’s so good to count our blessings sometimes we all forget how blessed we are….
    I do… So I am going to start my list now…

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    1. Hip-hip-hooray for you today!!🎉🎉🎉 I just know you’ll be amazed with how long your list will be. I am proud of you & applaud your refreshed attitude! May this be the first of MANY lists you will make! Hugs!!!


  2. Libraries are defiantly on my list… And rosary beads… I love countryside and woods… castles, theatre, movies, children, my friends, my bad cat (He is very bad sometimes but we love him and he can’t help being a hunter. Even if his gifts make me feel sick sometimes!), Grandparents, family…. oh the list goes on and on…. Have I said how great you look in the picture? Well you do! Happy birthday.

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    1. Aren’t you just the sweetest!! I LOVE your list! Castles sound dreamy & I was so happy to see you list grandparents because we are now in that role & I do hope we’ll be on her happy list someday!😀 Hugs & THANK YOU for the gift of sharing with me!!

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  3. You make me smile every time I read your blogs! Some of the things that make me happy are smiles, hugs, phone calls with my children and grandchildren, daily Mass, starlit skies, family gatherings, rosary beads, sewing machine, piano, my dog “Teddy”, beach glass, quiet lake water, and sunsets. Enjoy your special day because you are a special lady. Birthday hugs…


    1. What wonderful favorite things!!! I’m so glad you shared them with me and several resonate… Thank you for sharing and for the birthday hugs!!! Hugs returned your way!


  4. Such a great list!!! Next 50 years you’ve got to add: Minions, bird farts, fun school, Corgi’s, Redwall, Tasha Tudor, Wine, playing cards, sparkly things, ribbon wands, yarn, aprons, gardening, Kate Spade….gosh I could make a list of 50 for you right now! Point is you are the easiest and most deserving person to celebrate for your birthday because you are selfless and giving. We cannot wait to honor you and all that you’ve given us all these 50 years (not that I’ve been alive to see them all but still). I love you birthday girl.

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  5. Hugs and blessing to you. I remembered your birthday here from way across the sea. Please keep posting – Fifty now dare I say what lies ahead could bring you more happiness and surprises that you even can dream about. May it be so. a-men.

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