And so we March.


Man’s Best Friend?

Cruelty to dogs is the worst kind
lies in cobwebs of my blown mind,

could mankind be so damn cruel
over the animals we were given to rule?

They are ours given by God to protect
seems to me these at times we reject,
mistreatment of animals of our world
always makes my blood boil and curl.

Can’t we remember dogs are man’s best friend
they always remain loyal to the very end,
to see them in such cruel punishment
irks my nerve and burns my sentiment.


And so we March.

(Because an Animal’s life must be protected.)

A Million Human March’ for Animal Cruelty.

*All 50 States now have Felony Animal Cruelty Provisions!



A Dog’s Best Friend?

Weeks 1-4 Gender is determined immediately during fertilization. Nervous systems start to form creating a foundation for a childs thoughts senses and feelings. Heart and circulatory systems also start forming.
Week 5 A baby’s heart beats for the first time! Their blood starts pumping and organs begin to develop.
Week 6 A baby’s brain is growing. Lenses of the eye appears and nostrils are formed.
Week 7 Elbows form. Fingers start to form. Feet start to appear with tiny notches for toes. Ears, eyes and nose start to appear and teeth are starting to form under the gums.
Week 8 A baby’s bones and cartilage start to form. Tongue begins to develop. Fingers and toes have appeared but are webbed and short.
Week 9 A baby is beginning to move. Their joints are formed. And a baby will curl their fingers around things in the palm of their hands, like the umbilical cord.
Week 10 Eyelids fuse shut and irises begin to appear. The most critical part of a baby’s development is complete and he or she is headed toward rapid growth.
Week 11 Nearly all structures and organs are complete and starting to function. Fingers and toes are separated and fingernails and hair start to grow. These tiny little hands and feet are about the size of your own thumbnail.
Week 12 A baby’s vocal cords are forming. Their eyes begin shifting closer together and ears move to their right place on the side of their head. Your little ones liver starts functioning.

In just 12 short weeks…This is a babies development. At any time it is legal to have an abortion. (Although abortion limitations vary from State to State.) They have a brain, heart, fingers toes and fingernails. They can move their hands and feet and even grasp things. They have had a soul since conception.

And so we March.

(Because a Child’s life must be protected.)

The 2016 March for Life is the largest Pro-Life March in the World.

*And still all 50 States allow Legalized abortion.

How can either not be worthy of Marching for?

Dog and Baby Nap Together
Both treasured & precious in the eyes of God.


hugs n’ blessings….until we do not need to March any longer.

4 thoughts on “And so we March.

  1. Oh how my heart joins with yours. The decline of any civilization begins with cruelty to animals and disrespect for the sanctity of human life. I March even if only here in my heart and spirit. Thanks for posting the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Faye for Marching along! Today we cling to the hope of a better world…where life is valued from the womb to the tomb, as it should be. By God’s grace may we all see through similar eyes at the wonder & value of life…every life…fur & all.


  2. Perfect post. I don’t understand how it can even be a question…and now that Planned Parenthood has been exposed for what it really is, how can we continue to have abortion as a legal practice condoned by our Constitution and funded by our government…shameful 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. (On all accounts.) What a beautiful day it shall be when there’s no more need for the questions and instead a “Life Celebration” to March for instead!! (With or without fur!)


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