looking through the heart



It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.”

Author Unknown

How wonderful are God’s gifts!

There is life everlasting, joy in righteousness, truth in freedom, faith, confidence, and self-control in holiness.  And these gifts that we can comprehend; what of all the others that are being prepared for those who look to him. Only the Creator, the Father of the ages, the all-holy, knows their grandeur and their loveliness.  And so we should strive to be found among those who wait for him so that we may share in these promised gifts. And how is this to be?  

It will come about if by our faith our minds remain fixed on God;  if we aim at what is pleasing and acceptable to him, if we accomplish what is in harmony with his faultless will and follow the path of truth, rejecting all injustice, viciousness, covetousness, quarrels, malice and deceit.  This is the path…

…and each of us should be subject to his neighbor in accordance with the grace given to each.  The stronger should care for the weak, and the weak should respect the stronger.  The wealthy should give to the poor, and the poor man should thank God that he has sent him someone to supply his needs.  The wise should manifest their wisdom not in words but in good deeds, and the humble should not talk about their own humility but allow others to bear witness to it.

Since, therefore, we have all this from Him, we ought to thank Him for it.  

Glory to him forever.  Amen.

*Excerpts from a letter to the Corinthians by Saint Clement, pope.


Today, may we be most thankful because…

God’s love for us is not based on how good we are,

it’s based on how good He is. 


“For your love is better than life; my lips shall ever praise you!” Psalm 63 :4

hugs and blessings and may this be a happy and holy thanksgiving to you! 


2 thoughts on “looking through the heart

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting post. How precious when we can inspire and strengthen one another through blogging. THANKSGIVING……so much more than about one day, or one think, THANKSGIVING is like a life force which makes us mindful of our own blessing and the needs of ‘others’. Peace and Love back to you.


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