pinterest therapy

A friend of mine is hurting. Really hurting.

My heart aches for him.

It aches because he’s such a good person.

It aches because I cannot change the terrible situation he finds himself in.

It aches because I too have walked down

that dark lonely corridor of rejection & abandonment before.

And so I listened.

When the listening was over I offered the 3 things my heart was stirred to say:

“You are loved.”

“God wins in the end.”

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

Romans 8:28


“You need a good dose of Pinterest Therapy!”

I actually believed at one time that my youngest son & I were the original inventors of Pinterest. You know, just like Al Gore judged he’d invented the internet? (Giggles.) I even blogged about this very thing four years ago in a post, The Original Pinterest Board.

But I digress.

Pinterest has indeed been helpful to me in many ways. In the predictable ways of course – such as discovering new recipes, twists on decorating, party planning, table setting, holiday expressive-ness, classroom projects, hair style options, crochet projects, book suggestions and all sorts of “fun-school” ideas.

Currently, I have OVER 100 Boards created and thousands of Pins!!

The Pin is the basic unit of PinterestPins consist of an image or video. Boards let people organize all of their Pins around different ideas, interests and plans.

Google Search – wishpond


is an Organizer’s Dream because it helps to sort-through all sorts of “stuff.”

Which is exactly why I offered this silly piece of advise to my friend.

While I was walking down that lonely dark corridor I started a Board for myself, which I titled Words I’ll Never Say.

(I also have one entitled Exercises I’ll Never Do, but that’s for another giggle.)

My ‘Never Say’ Word Board helped me to “sort through” the feelings I was having at that time. The Board is private & locked -for only me to see- and in it I have Pinned all the things I would have felt like saying…ached to say….passionately screeched to say…cried to say…but knew a good Christian woman, focused on only pleasing a God she is in love with, never should.

When I first started the Board I couldn’t believe other people were writing down what I was feeling! Enough so that they created Pins to speak to their’s (and my) truth! I found courage, I found hope, and I found so many sympathetic giggles each time I recognized I was not “as alone” as I’d originally felt. I know it may seem silly but my Pinterest Therapy was one of the most productive things I would do for myself from an emotional perspective, at the time.

*It is important to note that I relied HEAVILY on Scripture & the Sacred Word of God during this time as well ~ which kept me Spiritually afloat and in tune with not “caving-in” to the temptation of proclaiming these human words I’d become so akin with, aloud!

My friend is also a believer of the Word and I know he is spending daily time meditating upon what God is speaking to him, as well.


The day after I spoke with my friend I decided to take a look at my Words I’ll Never Say Board. I hadn’t scrolled through this particular Board; nor pinned anything to it, in quite some time. Several of the pins made my heart cringe with soft whips of painful memories. Not because the pain still existed but merely in remembrance of the terribly low heart-space I had once been thrown into. After I finished, having brushed a few triumphant tears aways, I made the decision to PURGE many of the pins because they no longer apply to this heart of mine.

Praise be to God for His everlasting love for me. As always, He knew what I needed most and that is….Him. But sometimes; in His infinite wisdom & because of our particular heart-space, He recognizes we hear Him best through others…and yes, even Pinterest if need be. And that’s exactly why I started a ‘WORDs from God‘ Board!


Perhaps He may also be working through me at this time, as I offer up a few slightly-used pins to share with you. Should they speak to your heart He just may be using them, to successfully enrich your Pinterest Therapy too!

I saved this last pin for my dear friend…

because I promise

God has this same JOY in store for you too,

just up-ahead!”

hugs n’ blessings for all things yet unseen.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18

One thought on “pinterest therapy

  1. I believe that we must hold on tightly to the Hand of the One who came to Save our souls Hold tightly even if we feel we have no faith or nothing but emptiness. HOLD ON; The Promise is that JOY comes in the morning. The perfect example is the suffering of Jesus Christ (beyond description) but after the darkest of nighs came the JOY OF RESURRECTION in the morning. I like the different quotes and things you shared. Thank you.. Some of the valleys of my own life have proven the simple truth that Holding on is all we often can do. Blessings!


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