For Sale!

it’s a 3hugs&blessings thursday

and they’re

not for Sale.

They’re free!

But I do know of a few other great deals for sale!!


“We have NOTHING in common!” he shouted at me.

This was one of those parental moments where it was necessary to take a quiet moment to collect myself in an effort not to….laugh!


And our healthy discussion ensued.

It didn’t take long to discover how very many things we have in common.

Such as our…

sense of style and a love for colors!

(His father’s favorite colors are brown, brown and khaki.)

Our love for dancing and our killer dance moves!

(He’s very much like my father, who often wore white shoes to special events and whose dance moves could rival the best rubber-band man!)

And then of course there is the primary commonality,

our creative spirits!

Always up for the challenge to provide a positive outlook, I proposed an opportunity for us to “celebrate” our commonality in lieu of our differences.

And that was how our idea of a “Stocking Stuffer Sale” began!

This weekend we are so excited to be celebrating our joy for using our creative energies together! A small hodge-podge of items we like to dibble-dabble in. Nothing complicated nor elaborate but all packed-full of love and looking for the opportunity to be shared with others with great JOY!

Our son makes delightful,organic bath products; such as soaps, bath-bombs, and shower steamer tablets!

The Cupcake bath bomb’s frosting is made from Cocoa-Butter providing a very moisturizing bath-time experience.  Mini shower-steamers are packed in 3’s!

(The Trinity pack!)

Various assorted bath-bombs!

Look at those beautiful colors!

I Love these blue & white ones!!  He calls them The Coldbuster.

They are made with eucalyptus and spearmint, which really helps to open up the sinuses; especially in the fall/winter.


A signature piece & kid favorite: The Jare-Bear Bath-Bomb!

I stitched a few aprons to find new homes!


A few Cup Collars that would be great accompanied with a coffee-shop gift card!


There’s a drawer full of dish/bath cloths stitched during all the many hours spent traveling these past several months!


And of course there’s opportunity for giggles!

(Go ahead, take a moment and try not to laugh!)

these 3hugs&blessings are for all the many positive things we have in common with one another in this world, like our need for love, laughter and light!!

9 thoughts on “For Sale!

  1. Absolutely lovely. Thank you. What a great idea as well. It must be wonderful to be close enough to have ‘community’ like this. let’s all choose to share our love, laughter and the beauty of creativity. x

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  2. I loved the idea of finding commonality when it was believed that none existed. Our creative minds can ALWAYS find commonality because our basic existence (as human beings) IS COMMON.

    I also enjoy your whimsical expressions that bring smiles to all your reader’s faces.

    Stay happy and healthy, share the love and enjoy this blessed life ALWAYS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cathy, we would have adored having you there!! We were two busy-bees the entire weekend and the event was very successful! The bath products practically sold-out, so I was over-the-moon excited for our son. Tons of fun together with lots of mother/son giggles too! Hugs to you for your kind comments and we’d love if you’d let us know how to send a ‘surprise package’ your way!

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