(This link was previous broken…sorry for the inconvenience to those who visited earlier.  Extra hugs n’ blessings to you for returning!)

it’s a 3hugs&blessings thursday kind of day-lee-o!

“You inspire me!!”

…and since I’ve been so grateful for all of those who take the time to stop in, stroll around my site, and hopefully leave with a smile (or two or more…) I want to give some well-deserved attention to 3 bloggers who do the same for me! (thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

I always leave their site with a refreshed spirit and a mile-wide smile on my face and in my heart!

I hope you feel just as blessed as I after scroll-strolling through their site and want to follow them along, (as I do!)

I love everything Vincent Egoro at Live Your Greatest Life has written!  A very few of my recent favorites are:  Don’t Forget to Forget! And God Has Chosen You! And Enough of Just Hoping!  But truthfully-truly there is not a thing he has written which has not left me inspired by it’s completion.  I almost wish there was never a period to be found in his writings.  He offers me a run-on-sentence for living…(in accordance to the holy word of God.)  I teased him once with a comment I left for him following another well-written post….that it was written from God’s lips to Vincent’s pen…as it was exactly what the Holy Spirit desired for me to hear.

Doodlemum is no ho-hum of a blog to follow!   A rendering of sketches she uses to display her life in lovely scribbly-doo’s which are not so shy of gallery quality!  So often I am fondly reminded of similar displays in our own home of “life-lived-out abundantly” activities!!  A few of my favs:  Looking Back!  To Bedtime and Beyond!  Wear something casual..

And lastly…but not in the least place (ever,)  my dear blogging friend Faye who has TWO sites she wonderfully manages  Sacred Musings and Passionate Creative Christian.  Faye and her sage wisdom always inspires me and often helps bring a calming salve to my sometimes weary-soul, exactly when it seems to be in need of some brightening up!  I know you will be just as inspired with all that she does ‘down under’ to spread His love!

Please and thank-you for scroll-strolling to at least one of these sites!

And I hope you will continue to stop back as I am certain to recommend more!

3hugs n’ blessings to all the inspiration we receive, which encourages our love to grow!

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