it’s the monday giggles…

Why does this always happens to me when I’m outside raking?!?Photo courtesy of Pinterest

(Fingers-crossed) Spring sprung this Weekend in our NW area of Pa!

And in my local neighborhood…

kids were outside playing until way past dusk,

people of ALL ages were seen bike riding,

every breed of dog could be found being walked,

and Cuppycake raked the yard!

(Yep, it’s official…the rake is out.)

I wish I’d have taken a picture of He and Helen out there together…

Cuppycake would rake a pile of fallen sticks & Helen would carry the pile, stick by stick,  back out into the yard to be scattered once again.

(As you might imagine Helen & I were the only two who thought it was adorable.)

Yard work is a serious order of business in our household.  Every member of our family owned their own personal rake while living at True North.  Most kids around the age of 3 or 4 get a red-rider wagon in the fall…ours received toddler sized rakes instead.

We had them in every size & width. Flat edged, scooped, tightly tined to loosely fitted, (which always had a nice bounce as it scraped across the ground surface I might add.) I never knew they made rakes in so many different materials either until I met Cuppycake.  Metal, plastic, willow, & bamboo to name just a few.  And every year, without fail, he’d arrive home from a hardware store visit with “the Best Rake ever invented.” Guarnateed to cut yard-work in half (for all of us…)

Things have improved, mind you, since our move to North Star…we have downsized to 3 hand-chosen rakes which remain.  But not to worry, Cuppycake makes certain the matter is still handled with authority & laser-beam focus.  You can always be assured that at the end of the day’s task there will not only be neatly raked, all in a row, perfectly-proportional in every way piles, BUT there will also be another compiled list of 3 more (until recently unthought of) NEW projects to complete this summer as a result!

Image 4-17-16 at 10.51 PM

This year it looks like concrete will be involved.

I think I need to begin training Helen to carry the rake away instead….

hugs n’ blessings to all the idea makers out there!

(And those who contend with them all!)


4 thoughts on “itsy-bitsy-spider.

  1. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your life and journey. Love the thought of Spring bursting in on all your lives. We are still having summer weather here. Very pleasant but all the things like spiders etc are still, long after they should have gone to sleep or something wandering around. Some of our plants have shed leaves but now are flowering and blooming again. Many of us are longing for cooler weather and at least a few days or weeks of winter before we return to the build up of heat and summer. Enjoy the Season. Rejoice!


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