love letter

dancing through my head…



JJ and Dave Heller made the attached video in their living room this morning.

(I know because they sent me an email telling me so!)

The performance, like love, went differently than they expected.

Whether you laugh at (or with) them, I do hope-itty-hope you enjoy this video of their song Love Letter.  

My vaLENTine wish – sent extra-specially for you – is that there is someone exceptionally outstanding you can think to share it with….perhaps in a letter!


And may we never forget the greatest Love Letter every written…

Image 2-14-18 at 9.34 PM

Perhaps this lenten season won’t you consider writing Him one too?

hugs n’ heart-felt blessings on this vaLENTine’s Day, to you!

Image 2-14-18 at 9.33 PM


*You can purchase the song, Love Letter, and many other JJ Heller hits on iTunes!

4 thoughts on “love letter

  1. Beautiful lyrics, the words remind me of God and my husband of 34 years. “You have my heart forever….”, for God first then my husband and family. My wonderful husband kept on texting me sweet messages all day. I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. ❤

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    1. That was beautiful of your husband to honor you in this way! We too are blessed to be 30+years of celebrating the gift of the Sacrament of Matrimony!! How generous is our God to love us this much – that He perfected ONE other soul to be the PERFECT match to our own! Hugs to you for finding this special gift He prepared – just – for- you!!

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