family trip

it’s the monday giggles….

My mom, sister, and I are taking a Cottage Vacation together.

Image 6-25-16 at 5.48 PM


When my sister & I were younger

our parents took us to a cottage on the lake for a two-week vacation every summer.

It felt like we went for 110 years, in kids-speak.

But then we both grew up….

Image 6-25-16 at 5.47 PM


So, this year my sister & I surprised our mother

and the 3 of us will be sharing a cottage together

for the first time in like 110 years!!

(Really just a long time in adult-speak.)


I am sure my sister & I will do many of the things we did all those many years ago.

Image 6-25-16 at 5.46 PMImage 6-25-16 at 5.56 PM

And more than likely

so will our mother…

Image 6-25-16 at 5.57 PM

What favorite vacation memories do you have from your childhood?

I hope-ity-hope you have time this summer to relive just a few!

hugs n’ fond blessings for all the joy remembered. 

14 thoughts on “family trip

  1. My family (well, grandparents) have a cottage to that I loved going to. We used to go every year but 5 years ago my parents decided my brother and I need to see more of the world and instead each summer we went somewhere else (Italy, Florida, Vancouver…) which was nice but every year I told them I wanted to go back to the cottage.
    Last year I told my parents that I REALLY wanted to go back (I may have cried a little) so my dad finally took me back, and it was a lot of fun, but things had changed. For one, my mom and brother didn’t come. Two, my grandmother was dead (rest her soul) and three, my grandfather was older and not as active/healthy. I always thought I’d be one day taking kids of my own there but I don’t know if that’s a possibility anymore. The cottage is staying in the family (my aunts now own it) but I’m a long way from having my own family so who knows what it’ll be like 10 years from now.
    Anyways, sorry for this long comment, I hope you and your family have a great time on your trip. Memories and reminiscing is fun!

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    1. Thank you for sharing such an endearing story. I can relate to what you’re explaining but I do hope you’ll at least try one day to take the kids you’re waiting for! I am certain they will have the same magical memories you now refer back to!! Please stop back & visit me again, I always enjoy what you bring with you!! Hugs❤️


    1. Thanks Mom!! Sunny-shine days thus far, YIPEE! So far rocks collected to be painted & drift-wood collected for beach side s’more roasting tonight! Thanks for strolling through & sending well wishes, much appreciated!! Come back again hugs always shared!!!


    1. Thank you Oneta!! Yes, I do believe the only thing that has changed for the 3 of us in these 110 years is…the size of our clothes!! (giggles.) Thanks for visiting with me while I was away!!! Hugs!!

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  2. I really enjoy your writing. You make me feel as if I’m part of the family. You bring the reader into your stories making all of us feel like we are part of the experience. That is a talent few possess.

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    1. Okay…so your comment created a happy-sniffle & two tear-blurred eyes. What a beautiful sentiment to share with me which I have tucked in my heart as a priceless gift to treasure. Please know your sweet words were a needed encouragement as well! God bless you and as always a hug n’ a blessing especially for you!

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