40 to 70

it’s the monday giggles…

hugs n’ blessings for all those sporting the rosy-cheeks of Autumn!

9 thoughts on “40 to 70

    1. Love expands exponentially with littles involved, doesn’t it? So delighted to share them with you AND grateful to have a mutual shared love of one another! God bless you and send you my deepest, sincerest hugs! 😘

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  1. Thank you for the cheerful sharing. A changing weather spring in Oz. I am often aware opposite seasons similar weather. Same joy in the same God. You are valued and loved.

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    1. Faye, your spring time warmth is felt here in my heart. Hugs to you for proclaiming the same Almighty orchestrates it all. Praise be, we get to benefit for the bountiful graces that come from the heavens above (all our heads!) 😉😘😉


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