All you who

put your hope in

the Lord

be strong

and brave.

Psalm 31:24

It takes courage to follow God where we sense Him leading. Sometimes the path is clearly obvious – a well-worn trail blazed by the Saints that have gone before us. However, there are other times that we sense Him leading in a new direction, on a new path. In some ways, it’s not even a path; it’s an uncharted trail that has yet to be traversed.

Courage isn’t something that comes naturally to most.

The only way I have learned to truly be brave is to walk in the confidence that comes from knowing God and relying on him to be my strength. Spending time with Him, I am filled with peace and hope for the future.

In these times, we need the assurance from God that this is the direction we are to walk in.

When we are told He is our Shepherd, it means that He knows how to usher us in the right direction for our lives. While we might be afraid that our bravery may cause us to take the wrong path, His staff will keep us from doing so. The hook of the staff will curl around us and pull us back. As the Psalmist says, that staff will be a comfort to us.

We never have to worry because our good Shepherd is always on the watch.

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

For today, let’s remain encouraged with this truth – and spend time with God, reflecting on devotions, Scriptures, and prayers.

Furthermore, I pray you will allow Him to show you that YOU are radiant, YOU are strong, and YOU were created with a purpose!

Take courage in God’s love for you


be ready to conquer each day!

hugs n’ blessings to all those brave enough to “DO YOU” for HIM.

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