humble confidence.


My godson & I went to the movies together today!

Tom and I have been friends since I was 12 years old.  And when he decided to join the  Catholic faith several years ago, both Cuppycake and I were honored to be asked by him to be his Godparents.


Many, many, many, (maybe not THAT many) years ago, when we first met, we’d go to the snack-shack together during the 7th inning stretch of the baseball games, of which Tom was the local high-school bat boy for.  Tom loved the ice cream sandwiches and I always got the foot-long green-apple gum rope.

Instead of baseball, Tom and I now enjoy going to the movies together; even though we still have differing opinions on the snacks!  Tom insists on the need for popcorn…even when we attend a morning matinee or he’s forgotten to wear his dentures, while I prefer to stick with red swedish fish or bit-o-honey’s.

No matter the activity…we still make great snack-mates!

One thing we both can agree upon is we equally enjoy watching the 13 million trailers that play prior to the start of the movie!  And this is when we oft times map out ‘which movie will be next’ to be put on our calendars.  There are some, that Tom is SO excited to be released, that I receive weekly countdown reminders!

Today’s movie was a prime example.

As a matter of fact, Tom was SO EXCITED about this movie’s release – we not ONLY needed to be there on opening day – but it was equally as important to be at the FIRST showing.


We both LOVED the movie!

We both left the theatre smiling with our hearts full.

We wanted to tell all our other friends, Catholic and non, to GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

So it was no wonder,  I came home to immediately tippity-tap-type this post to tell YOU all the same.

Looking for the trailer to link to this post (viewed above) I quickly discovered several disturbing attacks against the movie.

But I won’t even get into that!

And all I could think to myself was..


I’m glad I didn’t know about all the drama being stirred-up regarding the making of the movie prior to viewing it.

I’m glad I knew nothing about the Director’s political opinions or association.

But I’m especially glad I went with one of my good friends; who although he is mentally handicapped was wise enough to know – that the consistent message the Pope preaches, to all those willing to listen, is about God’s love.

The Pope challenges us all, at the end of the movie, to always share two important items with those we meet: a smile and humor.

And Tom and I did just that today…accompanied by a bucket of popcorn and a bag of swedish-fish gently tucked in our hands.


hugs n’ blessings to all those willing to share a smile and laughter at the drama of the day!

4 thoughts on “humble confidence.

  1. Again thank you. I am a richer person by receiving your blogs and getting a glimpse of your life and living. I read a beautiful book this past week. it was about a different type of lifestyle to what I personally have lived but it was full of such beauty, morality and Hope that I will cherish the book. Set in the 1950’s and put out of our Library because of its ‘age and also lack of book space etc.’ I bought it for $1. The book is THEN CAME HEAVEN written by LaVyrle Spencer. I realize she is a popular and well loved author in America, and I wonder if you have read many of her books or even seen films etc. This story touched my heart, made me cry but filled me with understanding for a lifestyle ‘different’ in every way. I love it! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you for your sweetness, Faye. 😊 I am not familiar with the author; however, I was so taken with your wonderful description and trust your opinion so much that I just added the book to my audio library through Audible. I look forward to listening to it very soon, so that I may comment on your favorable reply!! Blessings to you for taking the time to tell me about it and I’ll save a hug to share for when I through with it too!


  2. What a wonderful friendship you have with Tom. I loved the trailer about Pope Francis you put up and I will be looking out for this movie. About the naysayers, there will always be attacks, those who will try to undermine and derail the great, powerful works inspired by God, because it will impact many people. I say ignore satan’s attacks and let Jesus clear all the smut. God bless

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    1. I do hope you are able to see the movie. We felt it was a very tender-hearted documentary that captured Papa quite well. Please let me know what YOUR opinion was when after you have had the opportunity to view it!! And yes, we must always be vigilant in remembering; “Get behind me Satan!” Hugs & blessings!

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