underwear unmasked

it’s the monday giggles…

(Possibly) A True Story.

Main Characters

FEMALE: mid-50’s, bubbly, Christian, a redhead.

GOLDEN-RETRIEVER: magical, soft, and named Helen.

MULTIPLE FAMILY & FRIENDS: varying ages, intelligent, conscientious, civic-minded, gracious, & sensible.

ONE extraordinary INDIVIDUAL: (Who shall remain Anonymous, forever.)

Scene One

The sewing of masks.

Redheaded female spends several days sewing CDC recommended face masks to be shared with family and friends in need. Female hums lightly a variety of JJ Heller melodies over the din of the sewing machine. Redhead’s golden-retriever comes in and out of scene periodically to sit beside female, which always produces a warm smile from the redhead.

Scene ends with redhead stacking all completed masks in a pile, tidying up her sewing area and departing the sewing room holding the stack of face masks tucked in her arms, as she turns off the light in the room with a full heart.

Scene Two


Redheaded female is shown sitting at her desk on a laptop computer, researching recommended guidelines for the proper use and care on homemade masks, from the CDC. Female creates a hand-out document then is shown retrieving copies from a printer to be include with each newly sewn mask, for all recipients to read.

Scene ends as lights slowly fade down in room while redhead is placing into individual bags a face mask, a folded “Recommended Care” instruction hand-out sheet, along with a personal note signed with lots of hugs n’ blessings.

Scene Three

Distribution Day!

This scene shows redheaded female traveling throughout the city dropping off newly sewn face masks with accompanying hand-outs to various family & friends. Some are in small groups, no more than 5. Some are solo. Two deliveries are safely left outside the door of older residents, placed in designated locations, to retrieve after female has departed. All other deliveries female is shown either ringing doorbell or texting to alert the family or friends indoors of her delivery. Female sets package down outside of doorway, steps six feet away and waits for individual(s) to come to door.

Upon receipt each recipient depicts various levels of emotion. Some excitement, some gratitude, and some relief. ALL read the hand-out and depict complete understanding with the CDC guidelines using various gestures such as: vigorous affirmative head-nods, HUGE smiles, thumbs-up, touch-down hand gestures, etc.

Redheaded female leaves scene with a warm smile & humbled heart.

Scene Four

Final face mask delivery.

Redheaded female makes delivery of last remaining face mask to One Extraordinary Individual. As in all previous deliveries, approaches the home, lays package at door, rings bell, backs 6 ft away and waits for recipient. Upon opening door Extraordinary Individual finds package, sees redhead and is very excited, very thankful & sweetly surprised to be receiving the hand-made face mask. Takes a moment to read the hand-out. Appears to re-read the hand-out a second time. Then a third. Pauses for a thoughtful moment, then asks the question…

“What are the CDC’s recommended laundry instructions if you DON’T wear underwear?”

Redheaded female leaves the Scene speechless.

Returns home and hugs her golden-retriever.


hugs n’ blessings to all the essential workers keeping us safe & provided for!

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