On this day, O beautiful Mother!


*Our Lady Star of Fatima

Our Lady, Star of Fatima,

we kneel before thy shrine.

To bless they name, to sing they praise,

to blend our pray’r with thine.

Look down on us, O merciful,

most loving Virgin blest;

as we recite thy Rosary,

fulfilling thy request.


The enemies of holy Church,

Eternal battle wage;

the floods of sin and wickedness

with endless fury rage.

O Virgin pure, O spotless Maid,

we cry for help to thee;

as we recite thy Rosary,

gain us the victory.


O Mother of our holy faith,

quench thou all hatred’s flame;

for Jesus’ sake now pity us,

and we shall bless thy name.

Protect thy children Mother dear,

of every land and race;

as we recite thy Rosary,

Bless us with peace and grace.


On this beautiful day, O beautiful Mother, On this day we give thee our love.  Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover, trusting thy gentle care.

On this day, Dearest Mother, a shining sun breaks through –

as we recite thy Rosary,

our hugs n’ blessings are lifted up to you!


Image 10-13-17 at 4.08 PM
Lucia dos Santos, 10, (left) and her cousins Francisco Marto, 9, (center) and his 7 year-old sister Jacinta, who reported seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.  Today marks the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.


*Traditional Hymn – Carlo Rossini


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