I’d rather

“I’d rather be physically alone and have spiritual peace to be what GOD wants me to be than to conform to co-dependency on that which takes me further away from being authentically and wholly whom God formed me to be. “

Karla, from Flannel with Faith

hugs n’ blessings to all the beautiful souls who point us in the right direction!

6 thoughts on “I’d rather

  1. This touches my soul,…I’m completely and utterly humbled. Today I closed my other social media site, Instagram. It felt strange. Yet, …it goes back to this quote of mine you so graciously shared. I’d rather. I love you, Dawn. This is why I continue to use this platform. May God continue to bless you as you bless us. 💕💛

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  2. I think you may already have known this through a previous blog, but I surrendered Instagram during this past Lenten season. And it was then I discovered the time it robbed me of more life-giving things & I have (yet) to reopen my account. I am grateful to be free of it and my life has been greatly enriched by the substitutes now in its place. This blogging site is indeed one and I echo back to YOU the same sentiments of blessings and grace within the meaningful relationships, wisdom accumulated and faith shared I have found here…yours in particular. 😊 (My love is sent back to you.😘)


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