link. (it’s a good one!)

I’ve had a fascination throughout the years with following Commencement Speeches…and yes, I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s just a silly ol’ thing I enjoy!

So far, (and I’m thinking it will stick,) the one delivered at Loyola University’s recent graduation by Ian Brennan, co-creator of the smash-hit tv series Glee, is my favorite for the Class of 2015.

If you too find yourself to be intrigued with this silly ol’ following, “Whatever you decide to do today you must READ AND LISTEN & THEN READ AND LISTEN (again) to this commencement speech!” (That was me talking…to you!)

You will laugh, tear-up, learn and most definitely be inspired!!

Photo: American Magazine
Photo: American Magazine

American Magazine wrote a wonderful article on Mr. Brennan’s speech,  which was delivered on May 16, 2015, to Loyola’s graduates.  A link to the article, including a live video, can be found pasted below.  Don’t skip over it! (it’s a good one!)

I enjoyed it so much that I would encourage you to STOP whatever you may be doing (at this VERY moment) to be instantly inspired!  You won’t be disappointed. Especially if you’re learning The Pope is Dope for the first time! (duh.)

One final personal note to share:

Mr. Brennan references the book Bird by Bird,” by Anne Lamott in his commencement speech.  I have my own dog-earred copy of this book, which is a wonderfully written piece on ‘Some Instruction on Writing and Life.’  Ms. Lamott’s written wisdom continues to stay with me in the webby-cob-webbed parts of my thoughts as I’m writing sometimes!  Long ago, when I first started a true commitment to journaling, this book helped to give me the strength I needed most days to use my own “voice,” without doubt or fear of judgement, (of myself.)  I appreciated the reminder that I still today continue to draw strength from her wisdom as my voice is shared in my bloggity-say-I blog space!

“If something inside of you is real, we will probably find it interesting, and it will probably be universal. So you must risk placing real emotion at the center of your work. Write straight into the emotional center of things. Write toward vulnerability. Risk being unliked. Tell the truth as you understand it.  As the writer you have a moral obligation to do this.” -Anne Lamott


And should you wish to read this book too, you may borrow my copy!

I promise to send it to you with a big hug n’ blessing!

 “And also for me, that speech may be given me to open my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19

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