nah, i’m busy.

Man, O Man, have I been busy!

But I’ve put my busy-ness aside today because…..

it’s a 3hugs&blessings thursday!

So let’s get started right away with huggin’ out the first blessing I’d like to give thanks for!


“I love to entertain.  I love to make them laugh, cry, and move them, perhaps moving them in their very lives.” – Actor, Corbin Bernsen








And that’s exactly what brings me to my first 3hugs&blessings on this loverly Thursday!

God recently entrusted to me the fabulous opportunity to assist a team of devoted Catholics in planning a local Charity event to honor & celebrate the good-works of so many committed and caring people in our Diocese, through the Offices of  Catholic Charities!

Guided in faith by the Holy Spirit, Catholic Charities agencies, ministries and programs continue to be witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ, committed to the sacredness of all human life and the betterment of society.


Catholic Charities Club CC Night!

Oh, what a night!

(Click here to view more photos of Club CC Night.)

The second 3hugs&blessing is in honor & appreciation for our son’s Military Service, which has recently come to an end.

Fare-well(s) or the even older, ‘fare thee well’ reveal that at the heart, goodbyes are blessings. We bless the other person’s going and coming, wishing that they may be well while away.

In order to make our goodbyes a blessing, all we have to do is to pay attention to the moment and create an intention of goodwill in our heart.


Fare-thee-well, Captain!

And lastly, but no less importantly, the third 3hugs&blessing is a very dear shout out to an extremely important birthday boy, my Cuppycake!

I feel so lucky to have him as my husband  and I am often over-whelmed that God loves me so much- that He set him apart…just for me!

There are times when I’m amazed at how right we are for each other – the way my hand fits perfectly in his, the way he can make me laugh like nobody else, and the quiet moments when I just know that we’re together because we’re supposed to be.  I enjoy these, and all the other wonderful reminders all around us, of the great gift God has given to me, in a Cuppycake!



With all that I have to be thankful for, it’s no wonder I can barely keep from smiling!!

Sending out to you these 3 hugs n’ blessings – that you may dream big, laugh lots, and give love – because life’s simply amazing!


4 thoughts on “nah, i’m busy.

  1. This is the most wonderful beautiful blog page. You are a blessed part of my life through blogging and I thank God to have connected this way with you. Light, Love, Faith and Hope and all part of your blogging pages. What can I say. You inspire me. My unexpected blog this day is simple about struggle and Grace but what you have written is the highest level of beautiful spirituality and connectedness. Thank you.!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Faye – your kind words over-whelm me & I am highly undeserving but extremely encouraged that His light is manifesting through this small (oft’ times simply silly) cyber-say-i-space! I have learned MUCH from your own personal space and know that He is always stretching, growing, and teaching us, no-matter which path He is currently leading us down. My most meaningful triumphs have often come from the greatest struggles He has walked me through. Please remember you are never walking alone…and there are many (like my self,) who value & appreciate the permission you have given to allow us to walk with you in both the light & the darkness. Fondest of hugs dear, dear, Faye!😘


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