golden sandcastles

When I was little we had a sand-box in our backyard.


I LOVED our sandbox!  Every hour in that rectangular box brought me great JOY!

And I spent hours there.

Sometimes alone & sometimes with my sister

Happy little girls playing in a sendbox

and sometimes with the most recent stray-dog I’d brought home!

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over-all love




Photo courtesy of Pinterest

“Lord, open up my heart & show me how to act upon my small faith so that I can learn how to think, love, pray, and serve as you do.  Increase my understanding and my faith.  Don’t let me run away from you.  Let me remember the mighty things you have done in my life. Let me be ready to speak of your wonderful ways to all I encounter & let this prayer make a positive diffence in my day, in my life.  Amen.”

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i bet you thought this blog was about you

it’s the monday giggles…

“Hello! Is it ME you’re looking for?”

As I mentioned in my last post


for being so patient while I have been away!

“Where have I been,” you might ask?

Right here.

“What have you been doing?”


And praying…

for me & for you,

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