messy, messy, messy, sweet!


it’s the monday giggles…   giggles… Pumpkin We bought a fat orange pumpkin The plumpest sort they sell. We neatly scooped the inside out And only left the shell. We carved a funny funny-face Of silly shape and size, A … Continue reading

his eye is on the sparrow…and he watches over me.


It is obvious we love our dog, Helen. And her smile continues to show us, “I love you, too!” Love helps us to feel valued. And safe from harm. But do we guard the love we’ve been given? Do we … Continue reading

When love didn’t give up…


I love to read! Reading has always brought me great comfort. But rarely do I take the time to do so for pleasure anymore. (Heavy sigh….) So rare are these occassions that I’ve actually made ‘read more for pleasure‘ an … Continue reading