game day!

Cuppycake and I  are proud supporters of College football.

Long ago it was a common interest  we discovered we shared.  It is proven that, statistically, married couples who share a past-time together or engage in common interests have a higher probability of maintaining a healthy, long-standing union.



Every year we attempt to attend at least 3-4 collegiate football games.  We aren’t always “rootin'” for a particular team….unless there’s a military academy on the grid-iron.  (Along with – All Hail to Pitt!)

No matter the foe, if it’s Air Force or Navy – it’s the ‘military-men’ our hearts are pulling for.  Yes, we support ALL THREE Military Teams every game….


When they each play


And today the Commander-in-Chief trophy is at stake.


Image 12-9-17 at 9.34 AM

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is awarded to each season’s winner of the American college football triangular series among the teams of the U.S. Military Academy (Army Black Knights), the U.S. Naval Academy(Navy Midshipmen), and U.S. Air Force Academy (Air Force Falcons).

The Navy–Air Force game is traditionally played on the first Saturday in October, the Army–Air Force game on the first Saturday in November, and the Army–Navy Game on the second Saturday in December. In the event of a tie, the award is shared, but the previous winner retains possession of the trophy. Along with the Florida Cup, the Michigan MAC Trophy, and the Beehive Boot, the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is one of the few three-way rivalries that awards a trophy to the winner.

The trophy is named for the U.S. President, who is the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military services under the U.S. Constitution. The President has personally awarded the trophy on a number of occasions. During the 1980s, for instance, President Ronald Reagan presented the award in an annual White House ceremony. In 1996, President Bill Clinton presented the trophy to the last winning Army team at Veterans Stadium after the Army–Navy Game. From 2003 to 2007, President George W. Bush presented the trophy to Navy teams at ceremonies in the White House.

The trophy itself stands 2.5 feet (0.76 m) high and weighs a hefty 170 lb (77 kg). The design consists of three silver footballs in a pyramid-like arrangement, set on a circular base, with three arc-shaped sections cut out — one for each academy. In each of the cut-out areas stands a silver figurine of the mascot of one of the academies, in front of small, engraved plates denoting which years the respective academy has won the trophy. Beneath each of the three silver footballs is the crest of one of the three academies. *All data taken from Wikipedia.

Not since 1996 can Army’s name be seen inscribed on the silver crest.

With Army’s 21-0 win over Air Force on November 4th

Army looks to take the final step toward the Commander-in-Chief Trophy as

Army erases that engraved void!

hugs n’ blessings to crossing things off the list this December!!


Video credit Austin LaChance

Photo credit Pinterest and me!

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