oh, bother…a star is born!

My fluff-stuff this week is a memory-go-round replaying for me.  Sweet thoughts spinning around of precious moments spent together in our family of 5. At the time the tale began our children were little and growing into professional ‘pester-ers’ of one another! They were probably each 9, 7 1/2, and 5 1/2 years old at the time, but they easily could have been giving lessons to other aspiring pester-jesters & received quite a performance fee with the skills they would have shared with their peers! (Luckily, their booking-agent came up with a better skill-set for them to potentially share with the world!) Their performances often seemed to begin just about an hour or so before bedtime.  If we were lucky the performance bear-ly made it past the first act; however, in growing frequency, they seemed to work the act all the way through to an encore!   My cuppy-cake & I quickly became very oh-botherly-bothered! oh-bother We grew weary ending the night on such a deflated note…so, about that time is when “Our 3 Most Favorite Things” became the new show to arrive in town, (or at least in our home!)  Let me set the scene:  Gathering the kids together in (one of) their bedrooms for nightly prayer we would first say together the Guardian Angel Prayer:

Angel of God, my guardian dear.  To whom God’s love, commits me here.  Every day, be at my side.  To light, to guard, to rule and guide.  Amen.

Immediately following we would then each take a turn to share with one another what Our 3 Most Favorite Things of the Day were. Opening Night was a smash hit! And for many seasons following!  Even on the rare nights, if any pester-jestering resurfaced, it only took the mere mention of canceling the show, or escorting said heckler from the room and this deterred any continued/repeat behavior.  Our children looked not only forward to sharing their own 3 Most Favorite Things of the Day; but just as much, if not more so, in listening to what each other would share were theirs!  Of course the answers were rarely ever “grand,” but they were amazing! (If only to us.) Like: “Wearing my Steeler shirt to school today.” Or, “Trading my apple for a cupcake at lunch.” Or, “Letting the lizard out of it’s cage at pre-school. Maybe tomorrow we will find him!”  (Silly, ol’ Jare-Bear.) The memory-go-round for all of this began when I saw a blogging event posted by fellow blogger Nerd in the Brain.  A fun blog, I instantly loved her blog event which she created titled: three-things-thursday-spreading-happiness1 All of this has been like a re-run-re-union.  Like the Brady Bunch reunion episode, or Gilligan leaves the Island. Thursdays henceforth, (at least this one,) shall  be for-me a time to re-examine all God has given me to be grateful for. I’m quite sure I can think together 3 blessings to give praise for…even in this head of fluff and stuff!

Photo courtesy of Winnie the Pooh Friendship Gallery
Photo courtesy of Winnie the Pooh Friendship Gallery

3hugs&blessings i give today for:

my friend Tina (who is not a llama,) air-popped popcorn shared with my cuppy-cake, & the potential new baby grand-daughter  we may welcome into our family this summer!

3 thoughts on “oh, bother…a star is born!

  1. What a flash down memory lane mother dearest!!! I always looked forward and pondered my 3 favorite things on my bus ride home from school each day. I also will forever cherish our family prayer….and our meal time prayers 🙂 Why did my memory have to be trading an apple for a cupcake…some things never change. Love you!

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  2. What a trip down memory lane this was!!! I will forever cherish my days when I would plan my 3 favorite things each day on the bus ride home from school. I always looked forward to us doing that as a family and of course our family prayer we did at night and during dinner. I cannot wait to share that tradition and bond with my own children someday. Why did my memory have to be trading an apple for a cupcake??? Some things never change 😉


  3. What made you think YOU were the lunch-room broker? (Wink-wink.) Not to worry my dearie…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as I traded bushels of MacIntoshes for peanut-butter ice cream sandwiches back in the day! Hugs!


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