i understand…

Trust Me

Do you believe I am the Son of God?

And do you believe that I died for all men and women and that I rose from the dead?

Then why do you continue to be distracted and anxious about your loved ones?

Do they not belong to Me?

Would I refuse to work in their lives just as I work in yours?

I have not put you in charge of redeeming them.

I have already done that.

Nor do you have the power to change their hearts;

only my Holy Spirit searches and knows the deepest hearts of men and women, and only He can heal their deepest wounds.

Your task is to love, to forgive, to pray for them and to turn them over to Me. 

Come closer to me yourself, and I will do the rest.


Author unknown, published by Association of Marian Helpers.

hugs n’ blessings for all those enduring a patient trust in the Lord’s promises.

Jesus, I trust in you!

9 thoughts on “i understand…

  1. I believe and understand! Dawn, I watched the movie “Father Stu” last night. Aside from the language (which depicts the truth of the story, however) is a beautiful message about grace and love! I thought of you! 💛

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    1. Father Stu was a wonderful movie depicting a beautiful example of faith, hope, love and TRUST – definitely with an honest accounting. (Hence, the language at particular times.) What a blessing it must have been to attend confession with Father Stu, which I have been told held lines by the 100’s some days. I am tickled you thought of me as you viewed it & I do pray I have the ability to carry my own crosses for Christ as faithfully as Fr. Stu. *I loved this article on Fr. Stu! https://www.pillarcatholic.com/p/meet-fr-stu-the-real-priest-and-true HUGS!!!

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      1. Dawn, thank you for the article! I have it saved to read. I think of you often, actually! It’s the heart-soul-mind connection! Hugs, prayers, and love dear friend! 💛❤️🤗

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