bat…”what did you just say?”

it’s the monday giggles….


Image 6-6-16 at 9.24 PM


the first step towards forgiveness

is realizing

the other person is




And the final step


recognizing there is just 

no medication 

for that.

Image 6-13-16 at 1.15 PM
Did you just say bat-poopy????


hugs n’ blessings to all those dealing with bats in their belfry’s.

7 thoughts on “bat…”what did you just say?”

  1. Laughed. thank you. It’s a powerful truth. World is full of ‘stuff’ we feel we must ‘fight’………Let it go lift it to HIM in Heaven …..leave the battle to HIM. (we know the end of the book). God Bless you!

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