These two weeks of going back to WordPress school at

Blogging U

Image 5-26-16 at 2.25 PM

have flown by!

I have appreciated so very muchly dusting off my tool-set,

re-evaluating my ‘bloggity-blog say I’ space,

renewing my focus,

and  meeting some new spaces (and faces) along the way!

“Thank you Blogging U!  I am truly refreshed!”

Our final lesson instructed:

Think of the type of regular feature you can commit to —

something you’ll publish weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

I have several of these already on my site which are:

The Monday giggles,

3hugs&blessings Thursdays,


the Year of the Cookies.

(If you’re new I hope you’ll take the time to stroll through them!)

So far this week I’ve already had my giggle,

but today I shall combine the other two for my first ever…


Image 5-26-16 at 4.19 PM

On top of going back to class

Helen & I have been busy this week running to & fro!

And at one particular point in our travels throughout the day, Helen Kowalska,

the best Golden Retriever in the Universe,

graduated to riding in the front seat!


I do believe the situation developed between packing the rear-cargo area full with plants at the Nursery & the 2nd row being filled to the rim at the dry cleaners, (with all sorts of freshly cleaned Bridal wear.)  Where was Helen to go?

The only seat left available was now next to me, in the front row.

I’m pretty sure she liked it!


I did make one deal with her though, since she was now limited in activity by this tiny space…

I promised, as a thank you for giving up her coveted space,  we would go straight home and bake cookies!

(To which, of course, she THANKfully agreed!)

 Yes, Helen & I went home and baked that day; and we chose one of the Wedding Cookies which were made for the Bride & Groom’s Cookie Table!

Perhaps you will be inspired to bake them too!

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Wedding Crumbs, there were so many helping hands who contributed to The Cookie Table for our daughter & son-in-law’s special day!

There were chocolate chip bakers,  peanut butter blossom partakers, and cut out cookie creators of various shapes; not to mention the dozens of frosted ones & pizzelles to boot!  Over 100+ dozen cookies were lovingly prepared & magically trayed that day!  We were so very THANKFUL for them all!!

“I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers”

Ephesians 1:16

In the land of The Cookie Table this gal trayed them all for us!

And this month’s cookie was inspired by a gal-pal of mine who, was not only the first to offer her baking assistance, but included the offer with a invitation to attend a personal demonstration of her baking skills extraordinare’!

Just two friends making Carmel Tarts! (NBD, as we’ve been friends since our first-born’s were in kindergarten.)

Follow along & you soon will know how to make Carmel Tarts too!

First you will need to blend the following ingredients together with a pastry knife:

4-6 ounces of cream cheese (my friend recommends 4 ounces)

2 sticks oleo

2 cups flour

Roll dough medium-thin on a floured surface & cut out with something that looks like this (be sure to dip cutter in flour as well,)

From Tupperware!

If you do not have a flower shape such as this, a circle will do just fine!

Next place the  cut-out shapes in tassie pans, lightly tamp down the centers & prick bottoms with a fork.

Bake for 15 minutes in a 350 oven.

Cool before filling.

Look at those perfectly spaced fork-tines…pretty spectacular, right?  (That was my only contribution!)


In a double boiler melt one 14 oz. package of Kraft Carmels (or Carmel Bits,) with 1/2 cup Pet milk.


Keep hot & pour into shells.

Let filling cool before icing.



1/2 cup oleo

2/3 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup crisco

5 oz. Pet milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

(My gal-pal suggested cutting this in half as it makes way too much! Or have a second use in mind when preparing…like banana-splits or hot-fudge sundaes for dessert with dinner that night!)

Beat oleo, crisco, and sugar.  Add milk a little at a time.  Add vanilla.

Use Wilton tip #16 or another rosette frosting tip to add a pretty dollop of icing on the top of each carmel tart!


These cookies are not only delicious freshly made but freeze beautifully for up to a month and are

just as YUMMY either way!


Just ask Helen, as since it’s a 3hugs&blessings Thursday she again thankfully agreed!

hugs n’ blessings go out to all the special “features” in our life!

(I hope you’ll remember to give thanks for them too!)

18 thoughts on “double-feature

    1. Thank you for the kind compliments…they are most definitely the YUMMIEST cookies to share with others! We adore Helen (can’t you tell???) And also think Golden’s are quite special…perhaps even magical. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to you!!!


    1. I’m tickled you linked me!!! Such a DELIGHTful start to my day! Bless you for your kindness to do so & I am humbled to have your recognition in this way!🤗 Hugs!!!😘


  1. Helen just steals my heart! She really looked so proud to be riding in the front seat. Hugs, hugs, hugs, to Helen Kowalska. The caramel tarts looked beautiful and my hats off to the baker…way too complicated for my feeble skills. The cookie table at the wedding was such a cool idea; we enjoyed our sampling for days afterwards. Nice double feature Dawn, a very clever blog idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Helen was delighted to be upfront…but has decided she prefers the rear cargo area where she can pick “which window” to be her view (typical female…likes to have choices!) Very tickled to hear your cookie-tales! Your cut-outs were spectacular & Im certain you would excel at the Carmel Tarts too! But before you start baking you need to write a post to your blog!!!! It’s been far too long since you’ve done so! ✍ We readers miss you! Hugs!


  2. Hi Dawn, Your site is amazing. Well done you! I guess I am going to have to think about going on a course because if I had a professional blog like this I would be over the moon. I love your doggie too and the cookies! Hugs for Helen.. Liked and following

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you kindly! WordPress offers fantastic support & I know you would enjoy what the courses have to offer!! Your own site is starting out quite nicely!!! 👏🏻 I am a huge lover of the Illustrator Tasha Tudor, so it appears although different…we are both lovers of Tudors! Giggles. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sshh don’t tell anyone but I love all the trashy stuff too… It’s my one true weakness!!!


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