just a dog & her minion

"happy birthday para tu'!"
“happy birthday para tu’!”

It only takes a quick google search to discover the good (and bad) reasons to get a dog.  Trust me, last year I did some research and was instantly given a screenful of well-written articles to affirm whichever position I was in search of!  Lucky for us I focused on the good…

They spoke of the Socialization & Regular Exercise a dog can bring. There was the point on Empty home/Empty heart. There were those who brought up the statistic that a dog will keep your mind engaged & active. And my personal favorite a dog will teach you to relax and bring some Zen. (Even if you don’t do any yoga!)

None of them however, mentioned the companionship a dog can bring….to your Minion! (Someone definitely missed the boat with their research on this!!)

Today, Miss Helena Kowalska S. (Helen for short,) celebrates her first birthday!!1901555_10151881554326363_871337100_n1901125_10151933659791363_1766076656_n

We are delighted with all the fun we have had together this past year…

IMG_3195  and we have enjoyed the times she has helped us cheer!IMG_4056

(Plus the way she has kept her breath so fressshhhhh!) IMG_4084

But most especially…we have loved watching the friendships she has made along the way!

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf and the lion and the fatling together, (and a dog & her minion shall never be apart) and a little child shall lead them.”   -Isaiah 11:6

(well, maybe Isaiah didn’t say exactly that but…let’s not tell Helen!)

IMG_3889IMG_3864                      IMG_3901IMG_3892

Still my best friend.
Still my best friend.

Happy Birthday Miss Helen! 

Hugs n’ Blessings from your many BFFs!

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