Relish the year!

Remnants of the final holiday relish tray re-purposed as a scrumptious dinner!  Simply, brilliant!


The blog-o-sphere has been filled these past several weeks with a ‘ka-zillion’ year-end reflections, as well as New Year’s Resolutions.

And I have ‘relished’ reading




(I wish I could have high-lighted them all – but these are just a few…be sure & take the time to click on their links – they’re all well worth the read!)

I am so blessed to follow some WONDERFUL bloggers who have gifted me (and countless others) with wonderful reflections of a year now closed; as well as, great insights on the ways we all should consider improving or enhancing a New Year just beginning!

Such as renewed reading goals!

More movies to add to the watch list!

Great eats!


Exercise feats!

(Again, just to name a few!)

I especially adored reading the many ‘Word of the Year’ challenges & was so inspired I fancied picking one for myself!

Simply, brilliant! Don’t you think?

(If you haven’t already guessed,) the ‘Word of the Year’ I’ve chosen shall be:


And may it be just that – a year filled with exuberant brilliance! 

Christmas Eve Mass (2017) in our Parish was magically brill!


Brilliant’ is not a word exclusively in the British lexicon, but I recently discovered it has a very British usage. Specifically, when something is exciting or wonderful, (which I do pray this New Year will be!)

Sometimes brilliant can be shortened to just “brill” to give it a more casual feel, so don’t be surprised when you hear me exclaim,  “My day was simply brill!


After having recieved so very much from the many inspiring posts I’ve read…

what tiny ‘tid-bit’ could I hope to share, in an effort of giving back the same to you?



(I could share my puppet story – but perhaps I’ll save that for another time. Giggles.)

So it is, after much consideration and with very little hesitation, I shall be pleased to share a challenge unlike the lots of most!

And I do so verily pray that in sharing it with you, this is THE one  – amidst the other ‘ka-zillion’ wonderful things to include this New Year – that is meant




A New Year Spiritual Game Plan!

Simply brilliant, right??

*Photo from Unsplash

Not unlike the many other goals and resolutions set this year – a plan most often accompanies the intention to ensure its success!  So too, we should consider doing this very same thing with our Spiritual life!  I’ve used the outline found in (every) Catholic Daily Roman Missal (see below,) as a template to use in developing your own personalized Spiritual Game Plan.

*Photo collage from Unsplash

In 2018, may you embrace the possibility of creating a Spiritual Game Plan to follow throughout the year –

and may you genuinely ‘relish’ the opportunity to do so!!

Mixed vegetables, cubed chicken, tart cherries & walnuts, roasted in olive basting oil.

The Catholic Guide for a


*Taken from the Daily Roman Missal

Do you want to be a good Christian?  The first of your battles will be to enter into and remain in the state of grace, to avoid any mortal sin.  And, then, because you want to love God above all things, you will also try not to commit venial sins.

The practice of some acts of piety throughout the day will hep you to have a divine contemplative life in the midst of the daily routine.  The habitual performance of these acts will also be the foundation for growing in Christian virtues.  Most important is to be consistent in your daily schedule, in your spiritual game plan, so that you will live as a child of God.


  • Get up at a fixed time, as early as possible.  Eight hours of sleep should be enough.  More than this or less than six hours of sleep is usually not healthy.
  • Offer your day to God through the intercession of our Lady.
  • Work with order and intensity during the day as a way of serving God.  Set goals and establish priorities in order to develop a practical schedule.  Sanctifying ordinary work is the goal of our life.
  • Try to attend Mass, receiving Holy Communion, as often as possible.  This is the best sacrifice we can offer to God.  Prepare yourself for Mass by spending some time in prayer.
  • Spend some time in mental prayer before the Blessed Sacrament (15 minutes, if possible.)
  • Pray the Angelus.  Traditionally, the Angelus is prayed at sunrise (6 AM), noon, and sunset (6 PM).  (During Easter Time, say the Regina Caeli instead.)
  • Pray the Rosary, if possible, with your family, offering each decade for a specific intention.
  • Do some other spiritual reading. Start with the New Testament or some well-known spiritual book.  Ten to fifteen minutes is sufficient.
  • Make a short examination of conscience at the end of the day before going to bed.  Two or three minutes is enough.  Follow these steps:  Humble yourself in the presence of God.  Tell him, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”  Ask for light to acknowledge your defects and virtues and to see the dangers and opportunities of the day.  Ask for repentance, amendment, and encouragement.


  • Center all activities around the Holy Mass on Sunday, the Lord’s Day.  It is also a family day – for rest and spiritual growth.
  • If you do not receive Holy Communion every day, receive at least on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Saturday is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Honor her and say some special prayer, such as the Hail Holy Queen.


  • Go to Confession at least once a month.  It is the sacrament of joy.  Pope John Paul II says: “God is always the one who is principally offended by sin – ‘I have sinned against You’ – and God alone can forgive.  He does so through the ministry of the priest in the Sacrament of Penance, which is the ordinary way of obtaining forgiveness and remission of mortal sins.  Every mortal sin must always be stated with its determining circumstances in an individual confession.”
  • Seek and follow the spiritual guidance of a wise, prudent, and knowledgeable priest.
  • Spend a few hours in recollection, best done before the Blessed Sacrament.  Consider how you are directing your life toward God.


  • Spend two or three days each year in silence, speaking with God only.  A few days of retreat are necessary for the soul in the same way that the body needs a vacation.  It is a yearly opportunity for conversion.


  • Stay in the presence of God:  be aware that he is always close to you.  Try to please him in everything as a child tries to please his/her parents.
  • Thank God for the graces that he constantly gives you.
  • Do everything for the love of God:  this is unity of intention.  Always purify your intention.  Make acts of contrition and atonement for your sins and sins of others.
  • Try to live as you would like to die.  We shall die as we have lived.


hugs n’ blessings to you, as you live out your spiritual game plan with exuberant brilliance!


And perhaps you’ll consider strolling through my site again – to hear about the other wonderful goals I’ve mapped out for the New Year!

It would be simply brilliant if you did!

17 thoughts on “Relish the year!

  1. Such a nice gentle way to share an important message with all your readers. Hopefully some portion gravitates to your readers’ minds and motivates enlightenment to recognize how much more life offers when spirituality is seen as an important component.

    Wishing you and your family the best that 2018 has to offer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And the very same to you and yours!! I’m cheering you on from afar that you will accomplish your 2018 reading goals!! I look forward to reading all the wonderful book reviews you will be posting as you do!!


  2. Absolutely Brill my dear Ann Marie. Please continue this 2018 to simply be a blogging friend and from a distance a sister dear in my heart. Your blog is thought provoking. I will prayerfully adapt what is life challenging to my own journey of faith for this year. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am honored to have you on this journey with me. Your kind encouragement is often the brightness I need to continue to engage with others in this cyber-space place! Please know I continue to hold you in prayer for good health and steadfast faith!! Hugs n’ blessings to you!


  3. Dawn Marie, it is simply brilliant how you can work so many challenging and motivating into an article that keeps my attention all the way through. Love you daily, weekly, monthly, yearly suggestions and challenges. Even though we do not share religious worship styles, we surely do share our love for Jesus and our dependence upon him for our salvation. From that it is simply brilliant that God takes the offerings of our hearts and returns so graciously to us, because of the sacrifice of his precious son. Brilliant, girl. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am grateful for our shared ‘language’ of love for the Lord. I do believe we all have the potential to be the shoes in His closet. Each different & unique, but we are intended for the same purpose. Isn’t it beautiful to know that our love for Him can help to fulfill the mission that EVERYone may know, love, and serve Him. Hugs dear soul-sister!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this post Dawn! Especially the spiritual schedule, it was so nice reading that and a great reminder to keep healthy routines and schedules. This month, I’ve been a bit off and feeling not my best self, thinking of going on a spiritual retreat myself soon! Then I read this and felt like it maybe could have been a sign ;).

    Blessings 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, kindly!! Coming from an organizational ‘super-star’ such as yourself, I take this as a high compliment! I do hope you are able to carve away some special & important time to reconnect the spiritual to the secular parts of your life. And I do believe there are ‘signs’ all around us….we only need be ‘open’ to see their brilliance shining – exactly where we need them most! Hugs n’ blessings to you, for being willing to have your eyes wide-open!

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