On Monday we honor the fallen.

But today, let’s not forget those who have been left to pick up the pieces.

(Let us) be better at remembering their sacrifice too.

Because there’s not enough “I’m so, so sorry,” that can be given.

But we can always listen.

To their loss.

To their fear.

To their joy.

To their pain.

And let them rail against the wind every now & again – they’ve earned it – especially when we fail to recognize they’re doing their very best with no flight-plan to follow.

Will you take a moment to listen when you click on the blue link below?

A Year in the Life of A Pilot’s Life

Photo from unsplash.


is not


in the face

of hardship,



It’s being

able to see

through the hardship

to a God who is


than whatever

you’re facing.

Dr. Crawford Loritts

hugs n’ blessings to all the grieving military family members we’ve failed in any way.

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