I woke up this morning not intending to write a post, but seared by the Spirit here I sit tippity-tap typing to you (all!)

Here it goes….

I love the quiet. I thrive in solitude.

I am my best-self without the distractions of the world dancing (outside of) and the clutter of my thoughts whirling (within) me.

Not many people would believe this about me, for to all appearances I am an extrovert. I enjoy engaging with people, I am usually the first on to a dance floor and will engage in most conversations with high enthusiasm!

Octane high, at times!

In all categories!


But I am learning to break free from that mold. While still retaining the parts which are the character of the Spirit placed within me by God.

For I do love the people of God.

(All of us made in His image.)

I enjoy engaging in deep conversations of topics I know little or a lot.

I value relationship. (Not the false kind.) But the type which honors respect and practices dignity and says, “I value you AND your opinion – flaws and all.”

But most importantly I need Truth in my life to be made whole. The Whole person of God, as He has deigned for me to be.

Why do I share all of this about me today? Because of two people. St. Charbel and my godfather, Uncle Bobby.

Two men, who through their quietness, their gentleness, their “few spoken words” have offered great hope (and peace) to me.

I was molded in to believing I needed to live life LARGE and LOUD, but as I’ve matured I have recognized that’s never been my truth. This may have been someone else’s, but not mine and I have cast it aside. I’m am much more “at home” in quietude and contemplation. HOWEVER, that does not mean I am not still ME. I am actually more ME than I have ever been. I am free-er to dance more, laugh louder, and build true – mutually respected – relationships because I am Me.

Just as quiet St. Charbel and Uncle Bobby.

Yesterday, I began a 9 Day Novena to St. Charbel which will end on his feast day, July 24th. If you have been a follower of my blog for awhile you already know I rely upon the Saints as my spiritual companions; as I attempt to live a life centered on God, leaning upon the strength of their examples.

I know you won’t be surprised then to see some of St. Charbel’s “quiet words” sprinkled throughout my posts, as I pray through these next 9 days to him, seeking his intercession. And I do pray you will discover hope (and peace) in them too.

Is there anything I can take to prayer for you with me?

St. Charbel, pray for us.

hugs n’ blessings for all the quiet surprises we shall be given today.

8 thoughts on “hussshhh

  1. We need prayers for the eight-year-old boy who was paralyzed by a bullet in the 4th of July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. He’s undergone at least seven surgeries so far and is still in critical condition. Pray for him and his family.


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  2. I have never heard of St. Charbel, sorry. I do believe in miracles and I am alive because of many in my life. I am surviving on my third (and miracle) kidney transplant. I have written about it. I love the lively spirit of your post, and I find that is a real witness to joy in your heart. My biggest mentor was always joyful even to when he prayed for me and my family a day before he passed. What an example of joy in life he was and still is. – David

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    1. Praise be, David! Hugs (times three) to you for the miracles you have received & I look forward to reading about your journey, indeed! Your sweet feedback has made my heart SWELL with gratitude – for it’s only through Him that I experience such Joy! How blessed are you to have had such a beautiful example from your mentor – not to mention the great grace which undoubtedly came from his prayers. Thanks for stopping by and I do hope to hear from you again!


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