All I want for Christmas!

Today I’m wearing my lucky bow!

Because I have a Special Christmas Wish for my daddy!

ALL I want for Christmas, (for my daddy) is to have Army beat Navy!

Sure it sounds funny, but I know they can do it!!

My daddy’s my hero AND a retired Army player. (He makes me very proud!)

But before the game begins there are just a few more things for me to do!

Practice my cheerleader moves. Luckily, Gompee was there to help me with the tricky tumbling!

Practice what I wanted to say to the Black Knights:

“You can do it!”

“My Daddy believes in you & while he’s deployed is depending on you to end this losing streak!”


And lastly, “If those Midshipmen try to scare you, just look them in the eye and say: ‘Your time is running out!‘”

I think all of this helped because before I knew it the game had begun and suddenly….


Time for more tumbling Gompee!!!

At half-time Oma and I made messages to send daddy, who is a part of the long-gray line that was far, far, far away defeating the bad guys in the Middle East.

But the best message of all was the one I sent to tell him….


Merry Christmas Daddy!!! ARMY beat Navy!!! 

And they did so for you…and a million other ARMY faithful!

I’m so very glad my lucky bow was able to finally help!!!

(I wonder why these past fourteen years no one thought to wear a lucky bow too?)

  hugs n’ blessings to all the wish-makers surrounding us!

15 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas!

    1. Thank you kindly, Faye! It was a fun one to write and be able to share our joy (in this way,) with family & friends we could not be with! Thank you for your constant encouragement!! Blessings!


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