chewin’ on bread together!

My reblog for today will have a slightly different appearance because this particular blog comes from a different hosting-site but I wanted to expose her to you because I know you will absolutely LOVE her darling site!

The name of this site is New Beginnings, Loving & Living Life after Retirement & is written by Karen, who is a fun-spirited woman enjoying retired life to its fullest!  Her side-kick-retired-too-husband is an adorable added dimension to several  of her posts!

I am sure, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy reading & visually partaking in all the many activities and explorations she shares with her reader!  And as she invites you into her personal space and expeditions during this new Chapter of Life she is embracing you will naturally expect to be sat down in a chair, with a slice of zucchini bread to share, as you spend the time chewing away together!!

Here’s one of my recent favorites you will find:

6 thoughts on “chewin’ on bread together!

  1. Dawn, just read your repost of my blog. What a lovely surprise. That was very sweet of you. Some day I would like to return the kindness, but I am not as adept as you in blogging yet and have never tried to repost anything to my blog. I will learn! I see you have been a very prolific blogger. You put me to shame, but also inspire me to write more frequently. I especially like your photo slide show of the family on your home page. Lovely! Thanks again.

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    1. You are doing great & are far better at this than you know!! As with all things…the more you do, the more you learn, the better you become! I committed myself to a writing ‘challenge’ during the month of November, which has encouraged me to post more frequently than normal. I will return to a more normal publishing schedule soon…I do believe I’m growing weary of my OWN writing voice, yee-gads! Hugs!!


  2. Dawn, I enjoyed Karen’s blog very much. I see her comment above where she says she is not as adept as you on the blogging “mechanisms.’ That’s me also. I would like to follow, but since she is not WP I don’t know how. Maybe I can catch her through you more often. Mostly I do not follow wonderful cooking and kitchen ideas. I already weight far too much just eating mashed potatoes! Thanks for the referral.

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    1. Lol, you are so cute! I would recommend you bookmark her site and then check in once a week to read any recent posts she may have put up. This is what I do to follow blog-sites I enjoy that are not WP, which as you know as a WP subscriber come up automatically then in my READER…for example YOURS!! (Which I adore!)

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      1. A bookmark is an aide to help you find internet sites you would like to return to frequently. (Just like adding a bookmark to the page of a magazine you may be reading & would like to return to a particular page!) Here’s how you incorporate one: Go to the URL you wish to bookmark (in this case return to Karen’s blog-site,) while you are on that URL page go to the top of your screen where your computer’s toolbar should be. You should see the word ‘Bookmarks.’ Click on that word and a menu should drop down for you where you will find the prompt, Add bookmark. Click on that and it will ask you where you would like to ADD your bookmark. I have a folder named Favorite Blogs I follow and in this case would chose to Add Karen’s site to that particular Folder! Once you have a bookmark saved retrieving them is just as easy. Again, you just go to the toolbar, click on the word ‘Bookmarks’ and in the drop down menu will be the Bookmarks you have added, usually by folders. Does this help? I hope-ity-hope it does!! Until then hugs & blessings!!!!!!


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