call. me. love. (a birthday poem.)

Love is patient and kind.

1Corinthians 13:4

For all the many ways we are called to become LOVE itself!

Once upon a time there was a chaquita-banana girl

celebrating a very special day.

And though her daddy wouldn’t be there,

he loved her just the same!

They both were very happy

giggling (together) merrily,

always counting down the days until

“Together again, we will be! (You, me and Lady K make three!)”

The moral of the story

is no matter small or tall –

you have SO MANY loving fans,

to celebrate with you through it all!

So never listen to any critics, naysayers,

or poopy-party-pants,

rather instead

just let LOVE always be the solidarity chant!

hugs, blessings & happy birthday 

chaquita-banana girl!

We can’t wait to tra-la-la-la- kick with you, very soon!!

Watercolor prints by illustrator, Soosh.

Soosh~ Click here to order your own print!
Click here to order your own copy of her book, Dad by my side.

14 thoughts on “call. me. love. (a birthday poem.)

    1. Thank you Patty!! So much to smile over…but mostly because life is always ‘happening.’ Feeling especially blessed over the wonderful memories of smiles shared with your family throughout the years, too! Hugs & blessings to you and all of yours!!


    1. Thank you kindly, Katie! God has indeed been good to us and I am beyond grateful to count my blessings each day. Please know we have always counted YOUR friendship as a treasure one! Hugs & Blessings to you with an extra heap for your kind words today! 😘


    1. Thank you my friend! There is So much joy when she’s around – it is fun to “celebrate” her. Hugs to you for taking the time to stroll through my site for a visit!


  1. Always a delight to know you have blogged. Love this birthday journey. LOVE certainly is stronger than hate and we must be the carriers of this LOVE to our broken world. Blessings and Grace in abundance to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, thank you FayE! Your words bring such warmth and light to my heart. ❤️ And I do hope to recreate a more regular blogging schedule for myself soon! Hugs to you until God provides that opportunity!! 😘


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