Moreover, although it has taken me six months

I finally finished my

2021 Resolution!

Yup! You heard correctly.

Embarrassed, just a little? Or the life of a skin-cancer patient?

Although, I must admit, since the year is half-over

a NEW Year Resolution doesn’t quite feel right.

(And a HALF-year one feels even worse!)


Hence, I’ve developed a MISSION statement instead!

*There are several bamboozling reasons why it has taken me extra-time this year; but nonetheless, I am

ready to go!

With sunscreen on!

My favorite beach-bum.


Something Different

I want to KNOW Scripture (more.)

I want to Study it.

Breathe it.

Paste it all over me.

Have it falling out of my pockets.

(More importantly,) Live it.

Become it.

I want to be Spiritually Fit.

I want to be Mentally Fit.

I want to be Emotionally Fit.

Physically would be a bonus too!

Therefore, I have begun removing all toxins from my life.

Because I am done wanting people/things who don’t want me.


Have you noticed?

I’m holding my head high.

My shoulders are straight back.

And I’m done apologizing.

Indeed, Dallas Jenkins,

Get use to different!

*Check-out how I plan to accomplish my Mission below.

Plan Of Action

Study God’s Word!!!!!!!!!

Exhale all that I’ve learned.



Eat right.


Pray some more.

Love myself as He sees me.

Love others – even those who do not love me.

*It’s okay to love from a distance. Sometimes it is the most charitable thing we can do to remain compassionate & extend good will.


Often remember one’s first responsibility is for the needs of one’s own family and friends.

Because, “Charity begins at home.”

Dress myself in the Armor of God EVERYDAY!

(*Be intentional with this.)

Because Satan WILL actively plot to sabotage my Mission.

DO NOT engage in Social Media.

*Unless, of course I am looking for the surest test on the strength of my armor!

hugs n’ blessings for all those who refuse to ever give up!

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