No seriously, would SOMEONE please “SHUT the front door?!?!?!!”

I remember shouting this, as if it were just yesterday, exactly one year ago.  It was moving day into our New Home, North Star, and I needed to dash off IMG_3540(once again) to go get yet another car load of items from the home we were about to let go of.

Our beautiful House Placard!
Our beautiful House Placard!

My hands were full, the warm autumn sun had brought the bees outside to try to collect the last of the pollen they could find, and I could not manage to close the door behind me as I was exiting.  I knew if it remained open a few bees would welcome the idea to take up residence in our new abode along with us!

I summoned twice, to no avail, so my third & final plea turned into a shout and although I meant it to sound URGENT it probably did end up sounding ANGRY, (which tends to mistakenly happen when the soft tone of my voice tries to be taken seriously!)  I am so glad God understands my heart! And then it happened…

Yes, the door was finally closed (by a nearby helper who obviously didn’t hear me either because his final words before he shut the door were “Who left the door open??“)  But it was what I saw next as I walked toward my car parked at the edge of the curb that made me drop everything I was holding,

Mrs. B!  AP English 11 & 12


There she was waving at me while shouting, “Hello, Neighbor!”

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  I now lived by Mrs. B!!

(And who knew we both enjoyed shouting???) 

Words cannot explain how much I adore her!  She was, and continues to be, one of the women I have looked up to and admired as a “Strong-Thinking-Woman.”  Besides my god-mother, I had not met another like her!  And she took such a kind, personal, interest in me back then, that it helped me to find courage & belief in myself I never may have found without her.

And she was to be one of my new neighbors!

Home Sweet North Star!

So many wonderful surprises like this have continued throughout this first year at North Star.

North Star delivery!
North Star delivery!

We love our new home (and have heard those who purchased our former home feel the same about True North!)

God has a wonderful way of surprising us in life.  When we trust in His guidance great grace is given.  We are grateful for all the many ways we have experienced this in our relocation.

Today Cuppycake & I will be taking a drive together and I am sure it will feel reminiscent of a drive we took just a year ago.  It feels good to be looking out the front window as we drive…and yet I’m grateful for the rear-view one too; as we take stock & appreciate what has led us to this new road we are now on, still led by Christ.  And I’m sure before we walk toward the car & pull away we will be certain to…

“Shut the front door!”

hugs n’ blessings to everyone enjoying surprises in their life!

4 thoughts on “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

  1. who would have known that we rarely used the front door at True North and now, rarely use the front door at North Star! But, I still enjoy waiting to hear that familiar request to “Shut the Front Door”!!

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